These Jeans Weren’t Made For Caroline.

14th April 2017crelgey

Back to my happy place of these steps. I feel I should really do an InstaStory of shooting, to give you the full landscape that these steps sit on. It’s quite a view. Here I am though, with another jean/khaki/pointed boots/loose tee/cardigan because I’m always cold – loving post.

High waisted skinny jeans Julien MacDonald bag

Now I know I jeans. However, high waisted jeans just aren’t my thing. I buy all my jeans from Next as I know what I like and they’re generally good quality. However, and here’s the but. I thought I knew it all until I ordered these. My local Next, although a fairly decent sized one, fails to cater for petite and tall people. No joke. Out of the full shop you can fit the petite ‘section’ onto on of those rolling clothes rails. It’s pants. To put it politely. So therefore, when it comes to buying trousers it’s a case of ordering online, collecting in store, trying on at home and in some cases take them back. These jeans were one of those cases. It didn’t say they were high waisted as I would not have bought them had I known. However, I CNBA in returning them, so they have stayed and are getting a lot of wear, but I do feel like I’m wearing pregnancy jeans again. Covering my belly. I just don’t really ‘get’ them. – Anyone else?

Anyway, back to my outfit. Looking back through my outfit posts, I really feel I’ve come into myself this last year. I know my style isn’t ‘on trend’ or colourful and I’m OK with that. I’ve tried all that and I don’t think or feel me. This is me. Basic. Plain. Simple. Ageless maybe? This is also my hairstyle of choice. I may be late to the party (as with most things!) with this one. It’s not even as if I do it on purpose for outfit shots. It’s generally just how I wear my hair that day.

I read a bit recently about building a brand. I’ve always said that I don’t have a real ‘niche’ for this space. It’s a mixture of things and I hope it’s that that keeps people coming back. But at least with my outfit content you have a better idea of what to expect and appreciation for being true.

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  • Helen

    14th April 2017 at 4:36 pm

    I hear what you’re saying about high waisted jeans they always make me feel like I’m wearing old lady jeans rather than low slung trendy ones. That being said with the right top on they can be flattering and these ones of yours look fab, you can’t tell they’re high waisted at all! X

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