Things That Happened In April.

3rd May 2017crelgey

When I decided to write these monthly catch-ups/insights/reviews, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep them up. I thought that my life was pretty boring. Some months do feel like that. However, once I start writing what has happened and look back through my planner and phone, I realise I/we’ve actually done so much. That warms my heart.

Social / Family.

  • I was asked to take some pictures of Summerfield Farm just outside Whitby, at the beginning of the month. Summerfield has a number of converted cottages, plus an onsite holiday home that are disabled friendly. It’s such a lovely place and only 2 miles from Whitby Abbey it’s a perfect location. We decided to make a day of it, so the hubby and toddler came along with me whilst I took some photos, then we drove to and parked at the abbey. We had to check all the 199 steps were there! Also got to finally sample some food from the famous Magpie Cafe. It was their takeout, but was very tasty none the least!


  • Our toddler goes to two Preschools, one of them is at the school that he’ll be attending come September. This month saw us get his acceptance into the school, so that was a sigh of relief. It is our local/village school and where I went as a child, so we’re really pleased. This month we also had a really informal parents meeting where we were able to checks he was getting on Ok and via their online system, see pictures and observations on him and what he gets up to, which was great as they’re really pleased with him.


  • When our toddler was smaller we had one of those seats that he sat in that was attached to the back of the husband’s bike. However, when we grew out of it and then became able to have his own bike (with stabilisers) we didn’t think of anything past that. You know, the time between him being to heavy to be carried, to the point of him being able to bike himself. Without stabilisers. That was until we saw our friend’s husband turn up to preschool on his bike with an attachment to his son’s bike. A long pole to be exact. Well, obviously there’s a technical name, but I’m afraid I’m without it. The company is called Trail-Gator, if you wish to Google it! – Long story short, we got one. It’s on my bike and the toddler loves it. So much so that on our first outing he spent a good 2 minutes down our street shouting ‘THIS IS AWSEOME’.


  • Easter. At the end of April. I really wish Easter was a fixed date. You know like Christmas. Saying that it doesn’t really matter because, I ATE SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. Who didn’t, I know. I feel no real guilt. Only that it was a week before we went away and the swimming costume had to come out, which was pretty poor timing. But, Thornton’s Fudge Chocolate Egg was a thumbs up from me.


  • With two weeks for the school holidays, I was sure to have made the most of it and had bagged some half price tickets for myself, my friend and our two boys to visit Stockeld Park near Wetherby. I’d been once before, but in colder weather, so it was really nice to visit and see it in all it’s glory. It really is a fab places. The hours flew by. We were there nearly 6 hours! And did everything without rushing. They had some great Easter themed activities. I look forward to seeing what they have planned for Summer.


  • Whenever we head up North to Center Parcs we always go that bit further across the border into Scotland to Gretna to visit our Auntie and her two lovely rotties. The bonus this visit was that she had cooked the most amazing turkey Sunday dinner!  It was like Christmas! Topped off with the most yummy sticky toffee pudding, (my auntie knows me so well!) from Aldi of all places.


  • I love Center Parcs. We all do. It’s very much my happy place. This trip we were joined by our friend and their son. It was their first visit and we thoroughly enjoyed showing them around and everything Center Parcs has to offer. The boys enjoyed some activities together. We hit the pool every day. My friend and I had time at the spa, where I got my nails done and she had a massage. Our husbands also enjoyed a few hours one evening to themselves, where they headed to the Sports Bar to have a few beers and play snooker. I can’t wait to return. Which, knowing me, will be booked very soon.



All About Me.

  • I won some shoes! I don’t actually enter many competitions. I’m always that person that complains they never win.. when I haven’t entered. However, my luck changed this month when I won a bloggers competition with Hotter shoes. I always keep an eye on Hotter, as they have some fab on trend styles and having been to an event by them before and tried ALL the shoes on, I KNOW how comfy and well fitting they are. Upon wining this competition, I was offered the chance to choose a pair of shoes from instore, so the toddler and I headed off to York for the day. First stop Hotter. I ended up choosing, after much deliberation, some animal print toe-post sandals. I cannot wait for warmer weather. They’re going to be perfect for all the beach days.



This Space.

  • I’ve had a few days this year, one Sunday in particular, that I woke up to eager to sort my site out. Old posts to be exact. I moved over to WordPress 4 months ago and hadn’t, until now, really taken much time to go back through some posts to make sure they looked and read right on this new platform. Plus, we the bonus of now having Yoast and other helpful plugins for SEO, it had to be done. I made a conscious effort to firstly go to those posts that I really loved, that had been well accepted. I spent some time on each, re-reading, even re-writing parts, checking pictures and using Yoast to it’s full on them all. I definitely think this is something I need to do more regularly. Some content maybe cannot be re-worked as it’s in the moment written and can no longer be photographed, however, those posts that can, you definitely should.
  • I also finally got my review of The Cow Shed up. I know, what have I been doing! (well, the above probably. Haha) I should have taken more photos than I did, but we’ll definitely be returning, so there’s another post I can update in a month.

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  • Kel

    6th May 2017 at 11:38 am

    Sounds like a busy month! I love Whitby but somehow I seem to have let a couple of years go by since I last went – I’ll have to make sure I schedule it in soon!

    1. crelgey

      21st May 2017 at 8:08 am

      Yes, were the same. With living at a seaside town, it sometimes doesn’t make sense or us excited to go to another. But Whitby does offer a completely different experience to Scarborough. x

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