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Should The Piebald Inn’s Famous Pies Be That Famous.

With not being a pie eater, visiting The Piebald Inn – although known for its famous pies – hasn’t been high on my list. However, it has been for my husband. With being in the quaint village of Hunmanby, we thought we’d make the most of the day out, as Hunmanby doesn’t have much to offer, so pie for lunch it was.

Piebald Inn menu

Now, The Piebald’s pie menu is quite extensive. I mean, the possibilities for a pie are endless, I guess? Plus they are world famous pies. There’s definitely something for every palette. As well as their famous pies, The Piebald offer a more traditional pub meal menu, with starters, mains and desserts. Including a separate Italian menu and gluten-free options.

As I mentioned, pies aren’t a food that we really consume in our house. However, growing up and even beyond, I used to love nothing more than a nice mincemeat pie, mash potato and lots of gravy. I think I’m fussy with a good ole fashioned steak pie, as I’m not a fan of braising steak/meat.  Looking at Piebald’s pie menu, it became clear that I was/am quite fussy with a good chunk of pie ingredients. Alas I finally settled on the

  • American Saddle: ground beef, baked beans, onions and sweetcorn in a BBQ sauce.

My husband went all out, ordering the:

  • Heavy Weight Hunter – Basically an all-day breakfast in a pie. Sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, baked beans, hash browns, tomatoes and black pudding.

Once you’ve chosen your pie of dreams, you have to check the ‘pie availability’ board, then you’re good to order. Once our meals were ready we were taken across to an attached restaurant. This, by the look of it, was the main eating area, I guess to free up the main bar area, for just drinkers, plus also people coming in to order. It was a nice setup and with eating/booking literally at their opening time, we had to place reasonably to ourselves.

The pies. Not being a pie connoisseur, nor a food critic, I’m afraid my descriptive vocabulary is pretty basic for reviews, however, these were good pies! Mine was very much the portion size I had anticipated, however, I did not expect to get a small portion of vegetables to go with our pies, which were left, untouched. I was little unsure whether I was going to like my pie, however, after a couple of mouthfuls, I couldn’t eat it quick enough. I saved the thick outer crust until very last, as, as my parent sused to say when we ate out ‘make sure you eat the expensive part’! (though I did actually finish the whole thing, apart from leaving half the chips!) The pasty and the chips were obviously homemade, which I loved.

Now to my husband pie. That’s no pie, it’s a slab! I literally have no other words for it. The main thickness of the pie was made of sausage meat. With everything else mainly resting on top. I would have tried a forkful, but I’m not a fan of mushrooms or black pudding. My husband thoroughly enjoyed tucking into his pie, however, it did get the better of him, with him literally eating just half of it. Again, it’s pastry was the same homemade as mine. It’s pretty clear that this is what makes this place different and also popular.

famous pies

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Piebald Inn. We left with very happy, but overfull bellies. Vowing to return again soon. As I mentioned, we booked in at 1230pm, which was half an hour past their opening, so we were served happily and efficiently. It was starting to fill once we were paying the bill.

I’d definitely recommend booking in advance, just so you have the peace of mind.

The concept of The Piebald Inn. A pie restaurant is very new to me. Have you been to anything similar?


The Piebald Inn

65 Sands Lane


YO14 0LT

01723 447577




  • claire McPartland

    Ooh. This is such a good concept for a restaurant. I’ve been to Pieminister in Leeds which is quite similar however their menu isn’t half as extensive as this one 🙂 I love the chalk board idea for the pies too. Sounds like you had a fab time anyway even if it wasn’t your first port of call.

    • kevin dodsworth

      This concept started out in the tiny village of Kelk east yorks and then moved to Hunmanby where the owner decided to sack the Head chef who’s concept this was, The original Pie Pub has re-opened with the award winning pie chef at the helm. The Chestnut Horse inn

  • The Sunday Mode

    A pie restaurant is pretty new to me as well but I guess they figure if you’re going to do something, do it right? I’m not a massive fan of pies but that’s just because I’ve had a few bad ones, I’m all up for trying some gourmet pies or something like this!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Kel

    I hardly ever eat pies, but I do really enjoy a ood one when you come across one! It must be hard to narrow down from a menu that extensive though!

    • crelgey

      Yeah, they’re not something I generally choose to eat. The menu online was smaller I’m sure, so was a surprise when we got there.. happy with my choice though. 🙂 x

  • Kevin Dodsworth

    You may be better trying out the original pub where this concept was borne.. apparently the Head Chef who created the whole thing and won the awards has bought it and she is busy bringing the pub back to a fab place to be both for drinkers and diners alike, she makes all the pies to order,,, not days in advance and nowhere near a freezer either! Her microwave is used only to heat up puddings I’m told, you’ll find she has her own page and fans on here
    The Chestnut Horse Inn – the original pie pub, check her out I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

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