How To Treat The Special Men In Your Life.

31st May 2017crelgey

Gifts for men can be hard. Fathers. Generally the male species. Why must they dislike shopping so much. Plus also, generally, in the older age bracket, be such a pain in giving us ideas on what to buy them for birthdays/Christmas/Father’s Day? “Oh I don’t need anything..” and “I don’t know, ask me later.”

Saying that, my late father was quite easy to buy for. A beer and whisky drinker. Plus a Newcastle United fan meant that every birthday for a good 8 years I bought him the newest footie shirt for his birthday. Plus generally, something else Newcastle and alcohol orientated for Christmas. Happy days. Father’s Day (as well as Mother’s Day) always consisted of a homemade card and a small gift, or socks. It’s always socks, isn’t it? – But yet they do always seem to need them! What do they do with socks?..

My dad is obviously no longer with us, however, having a little boy of my own means we have a ‘dad’ to buy for. The first few years have been Moonpig cards, but I’ll definitely be getting our little boy into making a card when he can write his name a tad more illegible.

So here’s to thinking about gifts for men..

gifts for men

As for a gift, without their help, I don’t think you can go wrong a essentials, as, lets face it, they can be pretty pants with looking after themselves at times. So a perfume – this citrus perfume by Clive Christian would be a good call. Or so help with taming and looking after that beard, look no further than The Great British Grooming Co. More practically, a new wallet. My husband has two. I’m not sure if this is the case for other males. However, he has a general day to day one and a ‘going out’, slim one. Why not buy him a new shirt to go with his new wallet? Your dad have good banter? – These Vouchers from ASOS will go down a treat. And if all else fails. Stick to alcohol. They’ll always have a friend in Jack.


Have you thought about Father’s Day? What are you buying the man/men in your life?

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