When An Outfit Couldn’t Be More You.

26th May 2017crelgey

I think the title pretty much sums up the direction of this post, but just literate, this outfit is so me and I couldn’t be happier with that. Especially when, now I don’t know if it applies to everyone, but I’m pretty sure it will, that you plan an outfit in your head, then do a prayer before looking in the mirror that it’ll look OK?

Sunglasses – Primark // Choker – eBay // TShirt – H&M // Checked shirt (out of stock, similar – H&M // Denim Leggings – Next // Espadrilles – Primark // Backpack – H&M

This post is a bit of a spoiler. I have a video going live next week that briefly features some new pieces I’ve purchased and three of them are in this outfit! I haven’t purchased a lot recently, as I’ve been on a spending ban of course, (Haha) however, what I have picked up have been more basics. I feel this is very much where my current wardrobe and style is. I’m all for basic pieces that I can mix and match with, over fast-fashion and pieces I maybe can’t wear again.

This H&M tee is exactly that. I could of maybe got away with sizing down, but I like the oversized look. A basic tee can come in so many different colours, that you’re pretty much sorted for every season. I have this in white also. The check shirt is another H&M buy, in the sale I believe. Becoming a bit of a Pinterest stalker, I can across an outfit with a black and white checked shirt and fell in love with it immediately. Upon browsing H&M one day I saw it.. IN THE SALE! Sold. It’s a lovely soft cotton too, so perfect as a throw over for the warmer months.

Lastly, my espadrilles. From the one stop fashion shop – Primark. I popped in a while ago, for a ‘browse’, plus to grab a friend a denim dress and spotted these. No, not in the dress section, in the shoe section. What was I doing in the shoe section and not the dress section?.. Well, you have to walk past the shoes to get to the dresses.. Yes. I know. I went for a browse.. But you would have got them too! I was a bit unsure of buying espadrilles, as i got some from New Look last year and they were a tad small, but the next size up was massive. However these, are perfect. I just loved the pattern. I haven’t seen anything similar in other high street shops. I literally could wear them everyday. But the thought of them breaking makes me a tad scared.. maybe I should get another pair..

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