Things That Happened In May.

7th June 2017crelgey


  • This month has been pretty busy, but I honestly think the toddler’s social life trumps mine this month, with three birthday parties! Two were close friends and at a large soft play area. The other was a boy from one of his preschool’s, who I honestly didn’t know.


  • We popped up to The Grainary one weekend, to have some lunch, a play and so I could take some pictures for them of their updated accommodation. It was a Sunday when we visited and I must say, it felt pretty alien to be there and not having one of their famous Sunday Lunches. We decided on just sandwiches each, mine being a beef with gravy and well, it was a good substitute.


  • It’s been on my list for a while, but a place I haven’t really rushed to visit as I’m not a big pie eater. However, we did finally visit The Piebald Inn this month and well, have a read for yourself.


  • Oh Wrangham House, you beautiful place. Having previously visited on a more ‘business’ level, I was so happy to then be invited back to sample their Sunday Lunch. Having not added to my ‘Sunday Lunch Tour’ in a while, I immediately replied YES PLEASE! and let me tell you, It.Was.Amazing. You may have caught the odd picture on my Instagram and Instastories, but a full blog post, including a little tour video of the house, will be up next week, so make sure you pop back!


  • Half term flew by. I love being off with our toddler and we enjoyed a fun-packed week with friends and on our own adventures. A beach day was successful, ending in me looking like a lobster to say the least and we enjoyed two days at Dalby Forest and on the Gruffalo trail. 6 weeks back at school and then it’s Summer holidays! Aahh!



All About Me.

  • If I haven’t mentioned enough already, or you haven’t gathered, I live in a little seaside town. Being quite country, it’s not somewhere that’s up to date with much. If you want to make it in anything, then people generally move away to the nearest cities. I’ve felt ‘on my own’, as a blogger in our little town for a while, however over the last couple of years I’ve met three. Louise is one of them. She’s so lovely and really a voice of calm and reason. Plus she makes some amazing outfits! We met up at the start of the month at a local coffee shop to catch up and put the world to rights a little.


  • I finally got my hair done! Trivial I know. But it’s been two months too long and soooo many greys (well, not that many, but it feels like it!) No real change I’m afraid to add. My hair is way to thin, fine and damaged to allow me to be anything other than brown, with highlighted ends. But. It’s me and it’s relatively (apart from the odd grey coming through) easy to maintain.


  • I also finally got my brows HD’d. HD’d, is that even a word/term? Anyways, another trivial thing may be to many, probably more so because I’m sure many do this religiously every month (like I used to), however, I haven’t had them done in at least 6 months. I have a funky razor blade from Amazon that I’ve been using to keep the new hairs at bay and in place, but it was more the tinting side I was lacking. But who doesn’t love a pamper, so the full HD treatment it was for me. And is peace is resumed.



This Space.

  • This month I took a big leap of faith in myself, making a wish a reality and getting myself on YouTube. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, however, the editing, having the time to film and having things to film about have always put me off. But, being so inspired daily, by channels I watch and also other bloggers around me doing their thing and accomplishing not only things but also their dreams I knew I had to bite the bullet. There’s not a lot on there yet, but if you haven’t already please visit and subscribe, it would make my year. Thank you.


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  • Asaake

    14th July 2017 at 10:02 pm

    I feel like I got to know you from reading your this particular post. Thanks for sharing!

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