Summer Stripes And New Things.

9th June 2017crelgey

Hello Summer. Apart from me wearing an actual bikini (which is NEVER going to happen again I may add!), I feel this outfit pretty much sums Summer. Yes, I agree, I could at least be in shorts, but my legs are so white, I fear that you wouldn’t know where my top ended and they began! Plus, I’m ALWAYS in jeans. Do you know me? Haha!

Jack Wills bag

summer outfit

Straw Trilby Hat – ASOS // Shirt – Next (old) // Tie Strap Top – New Look // Straight Leg Ripped Jeans – New Look // Animal Print Sandals – Hotter* // Beach bag – Jack Wills (out of stock!)

A little order from ASOS arrived the morning of taking these pictures. I wasn’t expecting it to arrive that morning, however, it did and it seems that I felt the need to then wear everything for this shoot. Haha! Looking at myself in the mirror, the conscious side of my brain did try to negotiate with the rest that, maybe it didn’t all work together.. maybe I could wear/use some bits for my next outfit.. However, it failed.

The ASOS order I speak of was a little jewellery haul/treat. I’m pretty simple/basic/stuck in my ways with my jewellery. I sometimes change my earrings. I wear the same necklace all day every day. And I wear bracelets now and again, however, I struggle with them, as I have child-sized wrists and bangles just fall off me. So I have to get stretchy ones which make me feel like I’m 7 or clasp ones that give you lots of chain to adjust it.

But I’ve really been wanting a few more staple pieces. This circle necklace I spotted and just loved. I actually thought it was going to be a tad longer, it is adjustable, but maybe not as much as I had hoped, but I’ll definitely still wear it. I then looked at the bracelets and spotted this fine chain tassle one like one. Again, although I knew it was going to be ‘fine’, I hadn’t anticipated it being that fine. So much so that you can just spot it in the second picture down. Again though, I like it and will definitely wear it maybe with another bracelet. Lastly, I bought an anklet. Anklets aren’t something I’ve ever really worn and although I love my choice of this pearl and star one, now I have it and upon wearing it, I’m a tad worried that it may break? Maybe I should have got a more simple one. We’ll see.

Jewellery aside, this outfit is and will be very much my Summer attire for day to day. Always layered with a shirt. Always sandals. And a top that is strapless or that I can easily unstrap for sun-worshipping reasons.


What does your Summer outfit look like? –



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  • Lauren

    9th June 2017 at 12:59 pm

    I love this shirt Caroline, the whole outfit is great to be honest. I like cool fabrics and bright colours in the summer, but I don’t think I have a particular ‘go-to’ outfit yet.

    Lauren x

    1. crelgey

      18th June 2017 at 7:50 am

      I love this shirt too Lauren! As you say, it’s so light and a perfect throw over, especially for beach days. 🙂 x

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