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If you hadn’t gathered. I love a good Sunday Lunch. More so, a good Sunday Lunch in Scarborough. So much so, that again, if you’re a new reader or hadn’t clicked on, I embarked upon my own little #sundaylunchtour. However, after visiting just three places, we just kept going back to them and not anywhere new. They were yummy and everything I love about a Sunday lunch but it meant my ‘tour’ kind of stopped.

So when Father’s Day rolled around, knowing the husband loves a good beef dinner as much as myself, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try somewhere new.

Step forward The Copper Horse.

Slightly hit and miss before it’s extensive renovations – but now being the most Instagrammable place I know, with such good food to match, (read about our evening meal here) it had definitely jumped the que to visit for Sunday lunch. So I booked it.

copper dining accessories

It was a bloomin’ glorious day when we visited, so we decided to dine al fresco. After ordering our beef dinners inside, (yes, I’m afraid I failed to order something different for review purposes, but I like beef!) it was lovely that the waitress came out and set up our bench as if we were dining inside. Normally you just get rolled up knives and folks. It was a nice touch.

Then came the bread. Oh, the bread. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it. We had had it with our evening meal, but it was a pleasant surprise when it arrived! I try to not have starters or anything before my lunch, as I like to enjoy the main and get a dessert if I feel that way. But I couldn’t resist it. It was warm. And the garlic butter was just perfection.

Then it arrived. In all, it’s perfect glory. Just as I had imagined it. I was lucky enough to get some of these pictures, as the husband had gone to the gents when our meals had arrived, as literally as soon as he arrived back, he got stuck right in and being Father’s Day, I let him. I’d normally ask him to hold off and he’s normally very good, even with side comments. Haha.

sunday lunch in scarborough sunday lunch in scarborough

If those pictures don’t make your mouth water, then who are you! Haha. I can near enough taste it as I sit writing this! It was everything that it looks like and that I had imagined. The beef was perfectly cooked and the veg both a good choice and just right amount. My only quarrel would be the potato under my meat. I’m not a big potato eater, apart from a roastie or two.  Nothing major, just my opinion. A perfect Sunday Lunch in Scarborough non the less

Now, I was quite full. Not as much as I had been at Wrangham House, but full.

However, I took one for the team, (as I couldn’t bear the ‘as if you didn’t have dessert‘ comments! Ha!) and ordered the old faithful, sticky toffee pudding.

… and then I was definitely full! It was absolutely amazing. The perfect end to a perfect Sunday Lunch and a perfect Sunday Lunch in Scarborough, plus another to add to my list.. and probably return to instead of going somewhere new!

The service was brilliant, even with deciding to sit outside. We weren’t forgotten, which is easily done, especially when you have a busy house inside.

Just on a side note, The Copper Horse also have rooms and cottages available for stays and breaks. All are beautifully presented and situated in the village of Seamer. Make sure you have a look if you’re after a weekend away.


The Copper Horse

Main Street



YO12 4RF

01723 862029




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