Sunday Lunch at The Denison Arms, East Ayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Another food post you say. Yes, I love food and Sunday Lunch. Here it is on the blog.


26th July 2017crelgey

Sunday Lunch outside Scarborough?

I’ve lived in the village of Ayton for 27 years. It’s a crazy amount of time. But, in all honesty, I couldn’t think of living anywhere else. It’s home. During my time living here, there have always been two pubs/watering holes. One in the West side of the village, the other, as you can guess, in the East side of the village.

Over the years, the West/East divide has been at the centre of many discussions/conversations, with it mostly being settled during the annual New Years’s Day tug-o-war over the River Derwent.


The Denison.

However, both pubs have been in closure situations, with the East pub being closed recently for a considerable amount of time, becoming quite an eyesore to the village and sadness to locals and tourists alike. But, no longer – with new owners and a substantial refurbishment, the Denison Arms opened it’s doors again two weeks ago.

A short walk from our house, we made the visit to the new look Denison Arms for a Sunday Lunch, deciding on the way that we’d definitely take advantage of the outdoor seating area and dine al fresco on such a lovely day.

Was the Denison Arms worthy of being somewhere to go for a Sunday Lunch outside Scarborough?

Denison Arms outdoor seating

The Food.

With just Sunday Lunch being served, 12-4pm, we had the choice of beef or turkey. Both were supplied by a firm local favourite of Glaves Butchers in Brompton, (if you’re visiting, make sure you pop in for a pork pie!) we were spoilt for choice. So we decided on both!

Our meals were served to us after a not so long wait, with the waitresses being both friendly and attentive. And our plates were full. They still arrived as I like, with the homemade Yorkshire pudding, meat, gravy and roasties, three to be exact, we also, with having turkey, got the added bonus of a pig-in-blanket and stuffing. With a small dish and mound of seasonal vegetables on the side, we tucked in.

Denison Arms, Sunday LunchSunday Lunch outside ScarboroughDenison Arms, East Ayton

I have to admit that I didn’t eat much veg at all, purely because, I’m normally generally quite full after tucking into the main stuff. However, I did try a couple of carrots and a piece of broccoli (all about the greens!) and both were cooked perfectly, with a little crunch.

Both the beef and turkey were also perfectly cooked, tearing and cutting without and issue and melting in your mouth. I could seriously eat this all over again as I write.



Some may say the village isn’t big enough for two pubs, but they couldn’t be further apart from each other in terms of menu choice, interior and management.

We’ll definitely be returning to the Denison Arms. Their weekday menu looks lovely, with proper pub classics, with their own-made ‘Denison Burger’ taking a definite fancy.

I’d definitely recommend it as somewhere to visit for a Sunday lunch outside Scarborough.


The Denison Arms

40 Main Street

East Ayton


YO13 9HL

01723 863447


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  • Kel

    4th August 2017 at 12:27 pm

    That is a beauty of a roast!
    Glad your local dining options have doubled! 😀

  • Karry Gardner

    26th October 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Ahem – East Ayton Lodge also has a full pub license so there are actually not two three watering holes in the village . And as the lodge is also a bona fide restaurant , maybe you need a trip up Moor Lane ?
    When we had the place for 25 years , we made sure it had a great reputation for food – not sure what it is like these days but as we trained the chef , we know he can cook given the right produce to cook with . Seems odd that as you’ve spent 27 years in the village , the existence of EAL as a pub seems to have slipped your consciousness ?

    1. crelgey

      26th October 2017 at 1:00 pm

      Thanks for your comment Karry. Having lived in the village for 27 years I have never once heard EAL referred to as a pub. Neither do I know anyone locally that visits it regularly for this reason. Apart from for functions I have never eaten or drank at EAL so could not comment and from personal experience of trying to hold my own functions there over the last three years, and still waiting to be contacted back, I can’t say that I’ll be making a trip up Moor Lane soon.

  • Karry Gardner

    26th October 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Not two but three – sorry , iPad !

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