Things That Happened In September.

4th October 2017crelgey


  • So, the month finally arrived that saw my little boy start big school. He already knows most of the children in his class as he had previously been going to the school nursery. He’s settled perfectly fine. Which I knew he would. He’s also having lunch/school dinners there, which, as of writing this, seem to be going down pretty well.


  • The start of the school year and a new school term meant that it was back to football for the little man. He does enjoy it and is quite good when he concentrates and puts his mind to it. So that’s 9 am on Saturday mornings for 45minutes taken up.


  • After football comes Rugby. Rugby is something that I have been wanting to get our little man into for a couple of years. I love everything from the club spirit, to the game itself. I feel it’s very much more a man’s game. (sorry but not sorry footballers!) After a couple of taster sessions, we got him all signed up, with the kit included and he’s on it. He definitely knows what he’s doing and enjoys a good tackle. He just needs to learn to channel his anger.. (don’t know where he gets that from!) So that’s 10 am on Sunday mornings for an hour and a half taken up.


All About Me.

  • Finally got my brows did. It’s amazing how the little things can really transform your face and also make you feel so much more amazing. Brows and hair and I’m a happy lady. I’m thinking I won’t have to panic so much about them fading so quickly come the Autumn/Winter months. I do love them when they’re just done though. Really wish I had someone to HD my brows every morning.


  • I’m not sure whether it’s something I told the world, but in the run-up to my 30th, I had promised myself botox. However, it came round and a year later I treated myself to lip fillers instead. (twice) That’s not to say I decided I didn’t want botox, it was just that I thought I was OK for a while. Facial peels were something I’d seem mentioned here and there but not really something I every fully read up on. However after a friend mentioned a local practitioner, I decided to pop along with a consultation. Which then ended with me booking an appointment and hello fresh skin. I was reasonably surprised by the process and also the results. My skin is definitely softer. I’m due to book in for another, so will look to doing a full post on it.


This Space.

  • Things have been quiet. With posting once a week, although making my schedule less stressful, it has made my blog a tad quiet, but, hopefully, the quality is worth it? I’m hoping October sees the return of some outfit shots. Now the leaves have turned, I’m looking to some arty shots. (I can but


  • Lastly, a bit of an annoying plea. The 30 Plus Blogger Awards have just been announced and it would be an absolute dream to be nominated. It’s a community I’m proud to be part of and I’m having to think long and hard on my own votes, as there are just so many wonderful ladies that deserve the credit. So if you have just 2 minutes spare, then please VOTE FOR ME in either the  ‘Next big thing’ or ‘photography’ category. Or whichever you feel suits. I would really appreciate it.


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  • Laura

    7th October 2017 at 12:34 pm

    Quality over quantity always! 🙂 I also started thinking about botox at 30 but kept putting it off out of the fear of what could go wrong. I don’t know what’s happened in the last year though… I’m coming up to 36 and have realised that I don’t have the same interest in it anymore. Maybe I’ve accepted growing old gracefully…. for now at least?!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • Jasmin Charlotte

    7th October 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Oh yeah will be interesting to hear about facial peels. I’ve always said botox when I’m 30 too, so we will see! Good luck for the 30+ awards! xx

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