the grapes inn, ebberston

Sunday Lunch At The Grapes Inn, Ebberston, Scarborough.

11th October 2017crelgey


The Grapes Inn, Ebberston.

The Grapes Inn, found at Ebberston, hadn’t really been on my radar or list to visit, however, after a quick search, we deicded to give it a go.

It may seem like a typically a small, quiet, friendly village pub, but don’t be fooled by that statement. It is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In a good sense of the terms. This isn’t your average village pub serving food. This place is ALL about the food.

Though the decor has to be mentioned. It’s the perfect mix of modern and village country living, which I just love. The table and chairs especially. I’m all for the chunk.

The Grapes Inn, Ebberston

The Food.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, if not and you’re new to my Sunday lunch tour – my husband and  I (said in the Queen’s are very much beef eaters. So, although I’d love to give you the varied review you may so desire, I can only ever give you the story of beef.

It’s quite uncommon, in our area, to be asked how you’d like your beef cooking. However, it is something that, as soon as being asked, you get excited that this is going to be amazing. We haven’t been wrong yet.

The Grapes did not disappoint, with the husband going for rare to medium and myself, medium to well done. They were both, as Yorkshire as this is going to sound – Spot on.

The Grapes Inn, Ebberston Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch, The Grapes Ebberston

Alongside our perfect beef came a couple of roasties, homemade puds, warmly cooked beetroot (a new one for us, but it very much worked!) and garnish.  Followed by the more than an adequately sized bowl of seasonal vegetables. In this case, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli. Which, as what frequently happens, was mostly left. We did share our meals with our toddler, so the carrots and broccoli were definitely eaten.

The Grapes Inn, Ebberston Sunday Lunch was surprisingly nice. I say that purely because it hadn’t been on my radar. However now it is, we’ll definitely be returning to sample what else this local characteristic place has to offer.


Find it: The Grapes Inn, Scarborough Road, Ebberston, YO13 9PA


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  • John

    15th October 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Wow the food looks amazing! I love finding little hide-away pubs and getting some lovely food!!

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