Things That Happened In October.

1st November 2017crelgey

Where O where did October go!? One minute the Summer holidays were over and now it’s days before bonfire night! October turned out to be quite busy. Lots of exciting things happened.

But honestly, I’m looking forward to November. Then obviously December!

Social/Family –

  • The beginning of the month saw a visit from our lovely Auntie from Gretna. Staying with friends nearby, she popped across to spend a Saturday with us. We made the most of it by heading out for a drive into town, to see mum for five, then to Oliver’s On The Mount cafe for some lunch. it was my first visit for lunch and it was very yummy. I just need to try the main meals now. Haha!


  • Halloween began early for us and the little man. He had his school Halloween party before they broke up for half term. Although a headache had rolled upon me towards the end, It was lovely to see him with all his friends. Really looking forward to the years ahead at the school for him.


  • Although we saw our auntie at the beginning of the month, we decided to take a few family days and visit her in Gretna. We had a lovely time. Visiting an amazing garden centre near Dumfries, which was sooo Christmasy. I just wanted everything! I actually came away with a couple of tomtes.


  • Little man and I made the most of the half term. We had a couple of lazy days (lazy being we stayed in our pj’s), but we also had some great days out and together. We visited Piglets Adventure Farm near York, for their Halloween event/activities. We visited last year and loved it. Plus you get to pick your own pumpkin. Which, is like taking children to a sweet shop. Honestly. Nightmare.


  • Another day in the holidays, we visited friends and then went to Scarborough Spa to see Magic Mike’s Not So Spooky Halloween Show. Now I know ladies, your ears pricked up and eyes widened at the words ‘Magic Mike’, but it wasn’t Channing I was seeing. This Mike is actually a children’s entertainer. You’ve totally just skipped reading this post now, haven’t you? Haha. Again, it was something we did last year and we loved it this year just as much.


All About Me –

  • Once again, I’d left it too long between brow appointments. But, it’s always just such a treat to get them done. I love walking out of the saloon afterwards. All I need to conquer the day is brows and mascara. Haha.


  • I enjoyed lovely brunch and catch up with the wonderful Lizi this month. Before we headed to the Viking craft event. She took me to the gorgeous I-Coffee cafe. Brunch was exactly what we both needed, Lizi more so than I, as she was nursing a self inflicted hard time after a late night. The place itselt was lovely. Small. But ever so Instagram friendly.


This Space –

  • It may have been October. But when an email to a crafty Christmas event dropped in my inbox, I couldn’t help but get excited! The Viking craft event was brilliant! I had so much fun making crackers, learning calligraphy and block printing. We got to take away all we made, plus an amazing Christmas present of a crafty box filled with notebooks, pens and bits. Having already begun some Christmas craft at home, these additions we fab and spurred me into new ideas for gifts.


  • This month also saw the launch of the 30 Plus Blogger Awards. The ‘We Are Thirty Plus’ community is something I’ve been part of for a couple of years now, but it has really been this year which saw me feel more part of it and get involved more. I’ve met and come across so many lovely ladies. My recent post, Ladies I’ve Fallen In Love With is an ode to three who’s blogs and as humans, I love dearly.


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  • Kel

    3rd November 2017 at 9:19 pm

    It was so nice to see you at the #VikingArtyParty! Sounds like a great month – I’m quite jealous that you got to visit Gretna as its one of my favourite spots!

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