Have A Happy Scandi Christmas.

8th November 2017crelgey

Scandi Christmas.

I’ve looked into my roots before.

No. Not those roots. I know the brown has been replaced by grey. I have the privilege of paying £45 a month to convince myself and the world otherwise.

I’m talking more about my heritage. My family roots. Who I am.

We all generally know our immediate family. The circle that’s around us from birth. However, how much do you know of those beyond that circle? Who’s name do you really have? Has where you reside, the UK for example, always been your families home?

So many questions, I know. But so many possibilities. Aren’t you intrigued?

And what are your answers, where do your roots lie? I hear you asking.

The answer is simply Scandinavian. Sweden to be exact.

I know. I’m no Ulrika Johnson. But it’s true.

Now, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this amazing revelation and so I will explain.

While having a Hygge moment the other day in our living room, I was thinking about Christmas and decided I wasn’t loving all the normal Christmas decor. You know, the mass-produced decorations and accessories that adorn most homes over the festive period.

I wanted something else. More personal. More natural.

An inspired Scandi Christmas.

Scandi Christmas PInterest board

So it began.

Pinterest, a platform that I’d never really got on with, that after a workshop I’d given a go, but over the last six months had neglected was opened up and a specific board (secretly) made. The pining began. Scrolling through the pictures and articles confirmed to me that this was exactly what I’d been thinking of.

  • Homemade crafts. Decorations. Accessories and gifts.
  • Glogg. The Scandinavian equivalent to mulled wine.
  • Clean, simple colours.
  • Hygge it. Everything, even in crisp white imitates a warm/cosy feel.
  • Traditional Scandinavian things such as the Scandinavian star. Dala Horse and Christmas Tomte.

I’ve also finally found a use for the conifer tree trunk we’ve had sat in our garage for the last four years! Plus dog walks have turned into foraging trips.

I’m loving what I’ve already achieved. I used to love being creative, but sometimes my patience isn’t the best. However, I have yet to have a meltdown.

Now, it’s not quite Christmas yet, so this project is still ongoing. So if you want to know and see exactly what I’m making then I suggest keeping an eye on my Instagram (more so InstaStories) for updates.


Do you handmake any of your decorations, gifts etc at Christmas?

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  • Kel

    20th November 2017 at 3:51 pm

    I’d love a nice proper scadi décor Christmas but I don’t think Id be able to get rid of years and years of accumulated plastic shiny tat!

  • Lauren

    21st November 2017 at 1:26 pm

    I love the Scandi decor at all times of the year! I’ve never handmade decorations (not since I was a child anyway!). We’ve put a ban on buying any more decorations this year, as it’s been such an expensive year for us, so I may need to try making!

    Lauren xx

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