We’re At The Halfway Point.

24th January 2018crelgey

I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

I’ve been growing and carrying a mini human for 20 weeks.

This is, the halfway point and I actually couldn’t be happier. It’s a pretty safe(er) point to be. All be it that things can still happen, but it’s a great point to get to and halfway is definitely better than the beginning.

I wasn’t one that suffered from morning sickness or anything similar/worse, (my heart goes out to any that have/do) 40 weeks of mini-human carrying is a pretty big deal. I mean, 40 weeks sounds a long time, but when you say 9 months, you’re like REALLY?! That’s nearly a year!

This is one of the reasons I delayed going to the Dr’s to start the process off. I wanted the time/weeks to go faster. Now, I can’t really confirm that I was successful in this mission, as some weeks have definitely seemed to drag and I know that the next 18 weeks will only become more difficult. But I tried.


20 Weeks Pregnant. What’s been happening.

So, being 20 weeks pregnant, I thought I’d write up a little on what has happened whilst mini human growing:

  • Midwife appointments – So after the initial Dr’s appointment of ‘I think I’m pregnant’, comes your first of many midwife appointments. Although she eases you in nicely at the first one, with a ton of questions and form filling, don’t be fooled. You’re in for eight months of not just reassurance but: wee samples, blood giving, weight checking, belly measuring and the rest.


  • Two scans – Your first scan is classed as a dating scan, as let’s be honest, nobody can pinpoint THAT particular moment they got pregnant. Surely? So this scan is used to see baby and measure them to determine a due date. Plus obviously to get those compulsory pictures for Facebook/social/baby book. Then at 20 weeks is your gender scan. Pretty self-explanatory. You do have the choice to not personally find out, though the scan is compulsory, you just need to mention at the beginning that you don’t wish to know. Plus make sure your midwife knows this too! I, however, am on a need to know basis. neutral and ‘biscuit’ colours are not my thing.


  • Private gender scan – Now, as above, you have your NHS gender scan at 20 weeks. However, for those like us, that can’t wait until then to find out, you do have the option from 16 weeks to book privately (we chose Babybond, found in some Mothercare stores) to find out sooner. Knowing our NHS scan wouldn’t be until the middle of January, we booked to have our scan at Babybond on 23rd December, thus allowing me to go a bit crazy in the Next boxing day sale. Oh, and it’s a boy, by the way.


  • Bye-bye normal jeans – Yes, that time arrived. You wait for the belly bump, as a sign to people that you are pregnant, plus also something of some significance that doesn’t just look like Sunday Lunch was goood! I recently wrote a post about my fashion woes during pregnancy and what items I’ve been and won’t be purchasing to get me through.


  • Necessity baby shopping (plus the unnecessity that you just couldn’t help yourself!) – We may have started a tad early, but those that know me IRL won’t really be surprised at that! But here, as we stand at 20 weeks pregnant, I can honestly say that we are 90% ready for baby’s arrival. I may well do a separate post on what to buy, or what we have specifically bought. Along with the necessities, I’ve also made a few baby clothing purchases, that I just had to. We learnt a lot from our first baby, that newborn outfits are NOT a necessity. Sleepsuits/rompers rule! So I’ve made sure that any ‘outfits’ or separates I’ve bought have been for 3-6 months plus.


  • First child prepping – It’s a tricky one this. Trying to explain to a near 5-year old that he’s going to be a big brother and that mummy has a baby in her belly. It’s been like a lot of situations over the last 4 years (and won’t be the last), that it’s easy to forget how much of blank slate children are. Knowledge that we as adults have, we have and continue to build upon, but children, they know nothing. Their common sense is extremely minimal. So the ‘simplest’ of things can easily be things that you just can’t comprehend. With this in mind and to involve him as much as we can, we took our little boy with us to our gender scan so he could see his baby brother on-screen. Granted his patience was lost after a few minutes, but hopefully, it’s an experienced banked, that he can pull out in conversation at a later date. That being said, he is as aware and excited as he can be and we’re sure he’ll be an amazing big brother.


So there you have it. That is, apart from the ridiculous amount of celebrations I ate over Christmas, my (heartbreaking, not my fault) dislike of hot chocolate, a short love affair with children tikka, a new found love of curried sweet potato soup and chips and gravy) rundown of what has happened over the last 20 weeks of being pregnant.

Here’s to the next 18 weeks.

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  • Jennifer Helen

    5th February 2018 at 5:31 pm

    I’d love to see a post on what you’ve bought for the baby! I’m 16 weeks and only bought wallpaper for the nursery!

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