My Pregnancy Fashion Woes.

17th January 2018crelgey

I have always been all about clothes.

That is not to say I’ve always got it right over the years, fashion-wise. (I had all the shell suits. In all the colours. Let us not say anymore.) But I’ve always loved shopping and having lots of clothes.

Fast forward to the recent years, more so from my blogging beginnings and I became very much more aware of fashion/styling, my choices being influenced and inspired by those around me, all the while finding my own way.

However being pregnant again and not being the happy/embracing/glowing type, my first thought, once my skinny jeans became just a bit too tight, was ‘oh god’ – what to wear during pregnancy.

There aren’t many pictures of my pregnant self from nearly 5 years ago – which was purposeful. Purely because of the above. I just wanted to live the months out in either pj’s or joggers and an oversized hoody. Probably an actual mixture of all of the above happened.

My saving grace being that both my previous pregnancy and my current have mostly been over Winter months. So living in oversized jumpers/jackets have been a completely acceptable uniform.

Now some women amongst us are the lucky ones. The ones that don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to get through nine months of human growing. There’s another word for them, but I’m sure you can imagine what that is! Plus the ones who know what to wear during pregnancy – I though, am not one of them. However, I am pretty hopeful that I don’t gain the three and a half stone I did the first time around. Fingers crossed for me, please!


What I’m wearing.

Even though waistlines must, I will not be purchasing a whole new wardrobe, I didn’t before and I plan to do the same this time. I plan to make required and multi-functioning or mix and match-able purchases. Capsule items if you will that will easily see me through and also give me various variations of styling choices.

So here are a couple of items which are currently and will be getting me through.

  •  Jeans/Jeggings. If you’re new here, jeans are my thing. I live in them. Pregnancy doesn’t change this. And biased to the title of this post, the one thing I do like about being pregnant and been subjected to wearing such maternity clothing is the ‘over the bump’ style of trousers/jeans/leggings. That pocket of material that just hugs your belly. Bliss.


  • ALL the oversized/baggy tops. This is just one option, I’ve recently purchased a couple of oversized t-shirts from ASOS that were actually in the sale, which I thought would be a great purchase for layering, plus the warmer months into the year and also definitely items that will be easily worn after baby’s arrival.


Now obviously, most stores do amazing maternity ranges. I could quite easily buy a completely new wardrobe for five months, but personally, I don’t feel the need or desire too. I much prefer the incentive of looking at all the clothes I could be wearing, if I wasn’t or when I’m not pregnant, whilst stuffing my face with Christmas chocolate.

So here’s to five months guys!


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  • Saira

    17th January 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I agree with the jeans – maternity jeans are literally the comfiest thing ever and I don’t know where I’d be without them !! Also – baggy tops are the best thing ever !

    1. crelgey

      28th January 2018 at 3:05 pm

      They really are aren’t they! I know I’ll be living on them for a while after. 🙂 x

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