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28th February 2018crelgey

The month of love. Or reading back through all that happened this week, it has definitely been a social and family orientated, but short month. We’ve had a brilliant month and made so many memories.

So, lets share!


Social / Family.

  • The beginning of this month couldn’t have started more amazing. Our little man had his first dance show, after joining a new boys-only class just six short months ago. Featuring in just one dance during the dance schools show over two days. I cried. I’ve never been so proud of him. To stand up alongside the other eight boys in his class on a stage, in front of a packed audience and give it his all made my heart truly burst. He was brilliant! They all were and I cannot wait to see them perform again in four months.


  • I’m sure I will have mentioned this before over the years and you may have gathered that Scarborough does like it’s weird traditions. I guess it can be put down to being a seaside town. Take the likes of Santa arriving to the town by boat.. yes, really. Anyway, so Shrove Tuesday happened this month and for Scarborough that also means going down to foreshore, South Bay, which is closed to traffic, with your skipping rope, and, well, skipping. Yes, REALLY. It used to be that schools closed at lunchtime to allow children to chance to participate, however, this year worked out well, in that it fell during half term. My little boy has yet to gasp skipping, but we go down none the less, as I’m a sucker for tradition. He does however always participate in eating a Harbour Bar IceCream and then spending my pennies in the amusements.


  • The last weekday of the holidays was a busy one. Myself, my little boy, plus my friend and her little boy took a morning trip through to York to the Railway Museum. They had a space-related exhibition on, with Tim Peake’s actual spaceship. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it. After some lunch, my friend headed home and my husband, who had decided to take the day off, met us and we travelled through to Castleford to Xscape, having booked to stay at the Premier Inn next door. We enjoyed a walk around the Junction 32 outlet, then we played the 4D golf inside Xscape, which was fun! We rounded off the day with tea at TGI Friday’s and a very happy boy with a balloon sword.


  • From Castleford, we travelled across to Halifax to meet our friends to visit Eureka. Upon the recommendation of a number of people, I thought it would be a nice little family trip and that our little boy (s) were of an age that they’d hopefully appreciate, enjoy and learn from it and they were right. The boys and us adults really enjoyed it. Though it did, after just an hour, get very busy! Whilst in the area we visited the Piece Hall, which was quite the marvel. We had a browse around the independent shops there, then, as we’d pre-booked to stay at a Premier Inn, we dined at TGI’s again, where my husband treated himself to the 30oz Tomahawk steak. It was a beast! But he totally smashed it!


  • Having a Sealife Centre in our town, we as residents of the borough get the opportunity to buy a reduced annual pass. Now, I’m a bit on the fence about such places and have the same feelings for zoos. Plus, having bought into this the first three years our little boy was here and him running round it in 20 minutes, it seemed a tad pointless. However, now him being near five and with a baby on the way, I thought it would be a good rainy school holidays day pleaser and/or a visit before or after a beach day. We’ll see.


All About Me.

  • Going back to school/work after February half-term has meant this is my last term until I finish for maternity leave. How scary is that!? That means as you read this, on 28th February, I will have just four weeks left!


This Space.

  • It’s been a short month. However, I was happy to see my Post-Pregnancy wish-list post go live. If not just because I needed to share my pain of not being able to buy anything because I’m growing a human. I feel wish lists can sometimes re-leave some of the tension of not being able to shop. They’re also good to look back on, down the line, to see whether you still feel that you NEED everything on it.


Comments (3)

  • Jessica

    1st March 2018 at 9:49 am

    I LOVE that Santa arrives by boat! – My primary school was right near an army base so Santa used to visit us in an army helicopter…Don’t you just love quirky traditions like that? That’s so brave of your little boy to get up on stage, it’s honestly my worst nightmare so no wonder you cried cos I certainly would have! Enjoy you last four weeks of work Caroline!

    Jess xx

  • Corinne

    3rd March 2018 at 4:10 pm

    I’m jealous of your maternity leave, haha. Not sure I’d like skipping out in this weather!

    Corinne x

  • Kel

    19th March 2018 at 2:11 pm

    I spent SO MUCH TIME at Eureka when mine were little, glad you had a good time!

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