If I Could Shop Post-Pregnancy Wish List.

14th February 2018crelgey

OK, so the title may be a tad misleading, as of course COULD shop, however, If you read a recent post I wrote on my pregnancy fashion woes, you’ll know that I love clothes and fashion – but I also refuse to buy into both whilst pregnant.

But that’s not to say that I’m not continuously daily hourly online browsing… And I’m not lying when I say baskets and wish lists are filled. Though, I won’t be purchasing just yet. Not even come payday. These are more items that I like, that I’d definitely purchase if I weren’t pregnant, but also, if still around, I’d purchase post pregnancy.

The reality of having a baby and losing the weight I’ve gained is really spurring me on to, not change, but experiment a bit more. Be a bit more outgoing with choices. I know the need for something ‘different’ after having a baby is real, as after the birth of my first boy, I made a quite drastic hair cut into a ‘pob’. I also had it coloured quite red. Both decisions I regretted within two days of having done them.

I thought I’d share a few items which are currently sat in my ASOS wish list, that create a post-pregnancy wish list if you will.

My current lusting, especially in regards to wardrobe additions or changes is to still keep my casual style, but add a smarter element. I definitely want to add some and wear more blouses and shirt with jean combos to daily styling, as well as for heading out. This ASOS smock shirt with ruffle looks like a perfect ‘something more’, to the plain white shirt. I’m not normally one for ruffles, but feel this is an acceptable medium for me. Now, you may need to bear with me on the next shirt, this ASOS longline shirt in spot print is a little ‘out there’ for me. More so due to the base colour. Red isn’t a colour that features at all in my wardrobe currently. We’ll see if I feel the same in five months.

Then there’s my love of khaki. A colour/shade I would never have said was one I’d love, but I do, making many purchases pre-pregnancy. So when I came across this ASOS Cotton Smock Top  in a pale khaki, it was love. Add into the fact that it’s cotton: light and floaty, allowing somewhere to hide the new mum-tum and a perfect purchase for Summer.

I’ve not been one to really jump on the slogan tee and jumper bandwagon. I have my ‘Bloggers Going To Blog’ jumper, which I’ve had for at least four years now. I had the blogger favourite #celfie tee, also, four years ago, which I no longer own, but haven’t added anything new slogan related to my wardrobe. However, this ASOS Everything T-Shirt could change that. I like the simplicity and size of text.

Then lastly, we have this, ASOS pleated spot hem 2 in 1 dress. I know! A dress! I told you, I’m trying to push my boundries! I feel the style and colour combination are perfect for me. Black is always a good choice for hiding insecurities in my case! I’ll always be someone that prefers non-fitting clothing, I have all the hips and muffin top action, even before a second child! So shirt style and straight line fitting/hang are my go-to. I’d definitely style this particular dress with some ankle boots, for a rare mummy night off! Haha!

So there you have it, my first and not last I’m sure, post-pregnancy wish list. As I said, this is only a snippet, from ASOS, of the many things that reside in online baskets all over the web.

Anything take your fancy?

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