Read About What Happened In January.


Well, the first month of twenty eighteen is over.

It’s been a long one, let’s not lie. That early payday in December, as good as what it seemed at the time – hello early sale shopping and lots of good nights out being festive, makes the next 6 weeks hell, to say the least!

Eating chocolate and leftovers for breakfast, lunch and tea isn’t just because you’re holding onto the festive times, it’s more that even an Aldi shop of anything more than milk and bread is pushing it.

But. We made it. And apart from being brassic, there’s been some pretty good times.

Social / Family –

  • 20-week gender scan – We already know we’re expecting a baby boy, as we had a private gender scan last month before Christmas, but although compulsory, who would we be to turn down another to see our little boy and get more all-important scan pictures. You’ll be glad to know that we are though, still having, a baby boy.


  • School’s back, after school and weekend clubs are back – God I love a routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays and having our boy at home, but, the lack of routine, in what our days consist of and the normality of weekend clubs we have been missed. Plus, the boy has missed them too and all his friends. So back to school. Back to dance class. Back to swimming. Back to football (twice) and back to rugby.


  • Brunch date – A couple of weeks into the new year saw me head to Leeds for my first blog event of the year. Which meant a well-deserved brunch with some lovely ladies beforehand. We headed to North Star Coffee Shop, which was just perfect. A fabulous place and yummy food. With no pancakes on the menu, I went for the sourdough toast with Strawberry Balsamic Jam & Salted Butter, plus an English tea and glass of fresh red apple juice. Just writing that and remembering the tstae make sme want it again.. Now.


All About Me –

  • Hello Sales – Yes, I may be pregnant, but if there’s a sale I’ll always find something to buy. I got a good 10 items from the Next boxing day sale. That was from online and then being one of the stupid people standing outside the shop at 4 am in the morning, trying to beat the queue! I also managed to bag myself a few items from the ASOS sale. Some boots that, style-wise, I’ve wanted for so long! It was as if it were fate I found them! Plus a couple of oversized t-shirts which will more than do for during and post pregnancy.


This Space

  • I started the year as I meant to go on with a post dedicated to some ladies in the blogosphere that I admire, am inspired by and love very much. If you missed it, have a read HERE. There are a number of others whose blogs I read regularly and take much inspiration from, so may need a part two later in the year.


  • On a completely different note, you may have seen that I’ve written a couple of posts about my current pregnancy. It’s not something I plan to feature heavily here, however, being a ‘life’style blogger, it’s very much a part of my life at the moment, so felt a few posts would suffice. So if you wish to have a read there has been Pregnant and Blogging , My Pregnancy Fashion Woes and 20 weeks pregnant .



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