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4th April 2018crelgey

March. It’s been a crazy one. In some ways a long one. However, looking back and writing this catch-up, I wouldn’t change a thing. Plenty of memories made and that is what I’m all about.

Maybe grab a brew.



  • So one of the first exciting things in March was Mother’s Day. Joshua and I had been in Gretna seeing our auntie that weekend but came home on Mother’s Day, so we could all be together. Coming home to the biggest plate of yummy Sunday Lunch goodness was just what I needed. Topped off with a visit to see my mum and a family walk. Life is simply good.


  • I have a five-year-old! HOW!? How and when did this happen!? It was a bit of a bittersweet birthday, to be honest, obviously, it was brilliant for him, another year older, presents, a party, etc etc.. However, for me, although totally freaked by how quickly the years had gone, it also signalled that he was a schoolboy now. And at that, a statistic to many. He would now begin his life being tested and compared to figures and charts. That our jobs as parents would begin to slightly change in dealing with him dealing with, well, life. That being said, I have faith in our boy and although I never thought it possible, I love him more and more each day.


All About Me.

  • Leeds is fast becoming somewhere familiar to me. I put this down to my every 6-8 week visits to meet two ladies that I definitely couldn’t brunch without, for well, brunch. Even though I don’t live in Leeds, I know and follow many that do and it seems there is a new cafe/bistro/bar eatery opening every week. So we’re never stuck for choice on where to next meet! This month, Lizi chose Laynes Espresso. As cliche as can be, I chose the Avocado on sourdough toast and as traditional as I get, a breakfast tea. The food was very yummy and although it was packed, non-stop throughout our time eating and chatting, it had a great atmosphere about it. Being located so close to the train station definitely serves them well and it’s somewhere I’ll bear in mind for future visits.


  • Now, as I type this post, I’m actually at the 30-week mark, however, this month saw my 28-week midwife appointment and I couldn’t have been happier about it. For many reasons. It signalled nearing the 10-week countdown and also was the last time I’d have to give my blood away! Woohoo! Nothing exciting to really report at the time, just general questions, box-ticking and heartbeat listening. My next appointment is at 32/33 weeks.


  • My first hair appointment of the year. Yes. Really. I’ve not been too bothered about my hair, as with winter, pregnancy and not feeling ‘glam’, it has spent 95% of its times these last months tied up. However, I felt, after coming across a few grey imposters, that it was time to give it a fresh colour and little chop. Last having my hair done I’d gone lighter. However, over the months, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I believe I’m a true brunette. Maybe with lighter ends. So this is what I’ve gone back to and I love it.


  • It feels a while since I attended an event, so was very excited to bag an invite to Browns, York for the launch of their luxury handbag section. And what a fabulous evening it was. I’m glad I took a plus one, as it turned out to be a packed event with mostly customers. I didn’t spot any bloggers I knew. But it was lovely to have a wander around and also take advantage of the demonstrations from Neom and Clarins.


  • This month, well, the end of the month, saw the schools and myself break up for Easter holidays. To say I was ready for it is an understatement! it also meant that I had two weeks of holiday and a week at work left until maternity leave. From a pregnancy perspective, I feel pretty good. I ‘could’ work longer, however, my working hours are afternoons – 1230pm until 330pm. Being motivated to work after doing jobs in the morning while not pregnant is bad enough, but doing it while pregnant is becoming tough. As I just want to chill. So, I’ll take my five weeks.


This Space.

  • It’s been a bit quiet here this last month, but it’s been such a whirlwind of a month and I’ve just wanted to well, roll with it. I did, however, after a good near month of writing, deleting and re-writing, publish a pretty personal post on Life Without My Mum . I wanted to mark the occasion of Mother’s Day, from another perspective, but without putting a dampener on it. I feel I achieved that and the post was very well received.


  • Although quiet on the posting front, I have, however, been doing some behind the scenes work. A wee evaluation of my blog/site and where it’s at in regards to aesthetically and readability. As well as content. In doing so, I’ve really begun taking note of blogs/sites and people I admire and seeing what, if anything about them fits with me and my site, that I can incorporate and take direction from.


  • So bare with me, there may be some changes afoot.


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