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11th April 2018crelgey

This being my second pregnancy and feeling like we learned a lot from the first, in regards to purchases, I thought I’d share with you in this new baby shopping list post, what we’ve been buying for our new impending arrival and also why.

First, a disclaimer: I’m by no means a mummy or parent blogger, neither do I profess to know it all. This post is written honestly regarding my own personal thoughts and opinion. I have not been sent any products listed nor is this post sponsored. This is purely my own personal new baby shopping list.


Pram/Travel System/Stroller/Chariot.

We bought fairly cheaply and probably more so blind on the pram front the first time around. Deciding on a Mothercare own, three-wheeler travel system. From the little research I did do, I knew we needed a travel system. That being a pram frame that would house a car seat and then a pram seat. Thus allowing minor baby-waking possibility, transferring from car to pram. It was also no Silver Cross and not the nicest/aesthetically looking pram in the world. Pram envy is real guys, I’ll tell you that! However, where the pram really failed was the three wheels. So. Annoying. Which really only came to light, or more so when I began Buggy Bootcamp and having to run with said three-wheeled hell machine! But I guess not everyone would have had this issue.

Fast forward to the present though and thorough research was done, though still slightly swayed by cost, plus still wanting a travel system, we finally settled on the Hauk Atlantic Plus Travel System  Hauck is a known brand and I felt at ease, more so after speaking to some mum friends, that it was good enough and pretty hard wearing. I’m feeling positive about this one!


Feeding Time.

I’m not a breastfeeding mum. (awaits angry breast is best comments and hate) I naturally fed my first for 48hours and concluded that it wasn’t a natural thing for me and therefore was not right to push myself to continue with and stress myself and my baby over. This will again, be my stance the second time around. Now, parent or not, I’m sure everyone will know that the idea and indeed the reality of those midnight onwards bottle making scenarios is not fun. it can be super stressful. Lack of sleep, added to a screaming baby, waiting mercifully for a bottle of formula to cool down is not the one.

Over the last year, a number of friends have had a second child and a few had mentioned what they claim to be a major investment in a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine . Having heard their stories, read the blurb and watched the video, I was sold, with the husband not needing much convincing either. It is a piece of kit I cannot wait to play with.


Sleep Time.

Moses baskets are very much an individual’s choice and not a necessity. We had one with our first little boy, with a stand, which was very well needed with having, to begin with, a very inquisitive Jack Russell. However, I had a friend who purely used a carrycot.

That being said, this time around and more so after having bought our travel system, which came with a carrycot, we were pretty set that we wouldn’t need a moses basket. Deciding that we’d just purchase a stand for the carrycot to sit on and bobs your uncle as they say. But finding a stand to fit the carrycot was no easy task. As the carrycot seemed to have its own dimensions. So the search for a moses basket began. We ultimately knew we didn’t need to splurge. With use of up to 6 months, as long as it held baby, had and fit on a stand and looked reasonable, we were happy. The Clair De Lune Moses Basket and Stand ticked all those boxes for us.


Chill / Play Time.

We’d originally wanted to (somehow) find and have the same rocker that we had for our first, which was the Fisher-Price Crusin motion baby soother. It was bought as a gift and was by far our best and favourite. The seat itself was really deep and our little baby boy spent many an hour and nap in it. The tunes were less than desirable but did the job.

However, we had been unable to locate/source it for our new arrival. I spent days and weeks googling and even more searching for something similar. We finally narrowed our search down to two and whilst in Mothercare for our gender scan at Christmas, we gave the choice to our little boy, who chose the Mothercare Teddy’s Toy Box Bouncer. I was slightly concerned about the circular frame, as have read report son similar styles and the frames bending, but we’ll see.


Change Bag/New Bag For Life.

I feel the ‘change bag’ is a bigger deal than it should be. But being a female, I feel it’s only my right and prerogative to have a nice bag. Granted it’s full of the necessities – nappies, wipes, multiple changes of clothes, bibs, etc but it’s an accessory at the end of the day and one that we will be carrying with us 100% of the time for at least three years.

Having had a Pink Lining bag last pregnancy, I fancied a change. Something less patterned. I came across Babymel during many searches and although, not cheap, with the above points as my cause for argument, I decided it was more than worth it. There were plenty to choose from, however, after whittling it down to a couple and the husband then making a more than a reasonable comment of which would suit him better when out and about, we decided on the Babymel Jade Change Bag.

I couldn’t be happier with our choice. The quality is great and it’s a perfect size. The denim colour and style suits both husband and I, plus that of our soon to be male addition. I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of their collection for the coming years.


Fight those germs.

Deciding upon bottle-feeding meant we had to think about sterilising and cleaning. There are plenty of options out there, the most well known probably being from Tommee Tippee, who seems the go-to for most things, however, we decided, for our first pregnancy and then for this one, that we’d go with the Milton Sterilising Unit. Which is basically, a bucket. Add cold water and sterilising tablets and you’re set.

Granted it’s not the compact unit of the Tommee Tippee for example, but for those possibly on a budget, the Milton bucket is perfect. As I mentioned, it is something we are again using.

Being a bucket, it has a 5-litre capacity and easily holds bottles, plus anything else a similar size, toys, etc. it also only takes 15 minutes to sterilise.


All The Bottles.

Now bottles can be quite a controversial topic when it comes to bottle-feeding. Not just because some people will always choose the ‘name’ and or just have their own personal opinion, but more so ultimately and honestly, it’s sometimes not your choice. Sometimes, babies take matters and their mouths into their own hands and well, you may well end up buying and trying most bottles under the sun, with baby finally settling on a brand you’ve never heard of and or the cheapest! Yay!

Like a lot of parents, for our first pregnancy, we settled on ‘trying’ the Tommee Tippee bottles. Our baby accepted them, however, he suffered a little with trapped wind, even after adding the likes of Infacol to his feeds. After research, we came across the Tommee Tippee Advanced Comfort bottles and thought, as most parents will at this point, let’s give it a try. Thankfully, again, they were accepted and seemed to help.

With that in mind, they are a purchase we’ve made again this time around. They are a bit fiddly putting together, with the inner tube, but, if they work, they work. Happy baby, happy parents.


So there we have it. My new baby shopping list. I hope it’s been an interesting read and maybe a little help to any first time or confused parents out there.


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