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2nd May 2018crelgey

Is it possible that the months just get busier and busier? I always worry that I’ll not have anything to say/write about on these monthly catch-ups, but it seems my life is a lot busier than I thought, with no signs of slowing down either!

This is quite a long one, so make a brew and take a seat.



  • The 1st of April signalled three significant dates in my diary. (four is you count it being April Fool’s Day as well!) It brought us all the chocolate and the acceptance of it being Ok to eat chocolate for breakfast.. lunch and dinner in the form of it being Easter Sunday. On another note, it was my late mum’s birthday and also would have been my parent’s wedding anniversary. We spent the day, as we generally do, as a family. We ‘visited’ mum, leaving her some flowers. It was nice to finally see that a few of the daffodil bulbs we planted in October have finally begun to sprout through.


  • We began the first week of the holidays with a visit to Tropical World in Leeds. With having Joshua’s cousin staying with us and the weather being pretty rubbish, I really felt the need to get out of the house. Sadly the hubby wasn’t able to join as was poorly, but the boys and I had a great time. It was pretty easy to find and although busy, as everyone obviously had the same wet day plan as us, we got to see everything pretty easily. I was though, a lot smaller than I expected, but we’d definitely go again.


  • The husband and I had an evening out at the bingo. Yes, we’re knocking on! Haha! I’d won a competition on Facebook that gave us some free games, so we thought why not. Sadly, we didn’t come out millionaires, but I did win the mass amount of £13.50, which is more than what we went in with. I have to admit, I am loving my bingo sessions. Anyone else?


  • We took a trip to York during the first week of the holidays to visit the Yorkshire Museum to see their Dinosaur exhibition. It was touch and go whether we’d actually see it, as when we arrived, the que was massive and literally coiled like a snail around the concrete waiting area outside the museum. After a 45minute wait, we did finally get in. The exhibition was good, lots on show, plus a number of interactive areas, but it was smaller than we had expected. We decided to continue around the rest of the museum which was good. I’d definitely like to visit again, maybe when our boys are a bit older.


  • The second week of the holidays, I had booked our little boy into Hawkes Health & Fitness Coaching who run weekly football sessions and holiday clubs, for the morning. He attends their Saturday sessions with my friend’s little boy, who was also going to be there on the morning, so it wasn’t anything new to him as such. He really enjoyed it and with the weather being poor again for the following day, I decided to book him in again for the morning. I’ll definitely be looking at booking him in at the next holidays. Maybe for a full day too.


  • Our last ‘day out’ of the holidays was to Piglets Adventure Park near York. It’s a much-loved place by obviously the children, but also parents alike. It’s 90% outdoors which is great, but not so much in poor weather. Thankfully, although a tad wet in places, it was dry when we visited. I took along my friend’s little boy with us, it being his first time. It’s fair to say it won’t be his last! I also purchased my little boy an annual admission pass whilst we were there, using his birthday money. I’d specifically mentioned to family and close friends that this was my intention if they’d prefer to donate towards it, rather than buy him more toys. It’s great knowing we can now just go when we like and I just need to pay myself in.


All About Me.

  • I had my thirty-three-week midwife appointment, which went OK. The normal ‘how are you’ questions, blood pressure, wee sample and belly measuring. Really feeling like we’re on the home stretch now. I’ve only got two more appointments left!


  • I’m on maternity leave. So I had one week back at school after half term, then I left. Haha. I could have stretched to stay for another week or two, but when you only work afternoons, it became hard motivating myself to go. As after doing morning jobs, then having lunch, my body and mind were all for nap time. Here’s to all the rest days..


  • Maybe not the best time to plan a shopping trip, but, it was to Primark and what better place to buy hospital bag essentials that you don’t care what happens to them and maybe some general essentials to get you through the last weeks of pregnancy, into post pregnancy. I had a lovely trip with my friend, getting everything I needed, plus some added extras. Here’s to a post-pregnancy trip in August.


  • Took a trip through to York at the end of the month, to meet up with a few wonderful blogging ladies for a catch-up, a celebration of birthday and impending baby arrival, plus food. There’s always food. It was a lovely afternoon. After all meeting, we headed to Lizi’s favourite haunt of an Italian, La Piazza near the Minster. It was very nice. After sharing a GBT (garlic bread tomato) I had the lasagne. I can definitely recommend. We enjoyed a walk around the shops, stopping in Origins to pick up a sample of their new product, Glow Nuts, then to Betty’s, (my very first visit I may add!) where I purchased a couple of treats to take home.


This Space.


  • After analysing and ultimately realising that I love sharing and creating content based on my town, I’ve been spending some time recently going over past content and reviving it (with means spell checking – my mum would definitely be kicking my put right about now!), also making it look aesthetically pleasing (new title picture) and also on some adding completely new pictures.


  • I’ve also changed the name of my local category, allowing me a bit more free rein over future content and also breaking said content down into sub-categories, such as Where To Eat, Where To Stay and Where To Visit.  Have a look. ^

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  • Elizabeth Seal

    6th May 2018 at 4:06 pm

    Aw lovely things! These kind of posts are my favourite to read, I’m so nosy haha, I love an insight in to someone elses life 😀 those places sound lovely, my little boy would adore Piglets Adventure park, it sounds amazing haha! Congrats on the Bingo win too! 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’m hoping I might be able to entice you to follow each other on bloglovin haha xD)

  • Kel

    9th May 2018 at 3:26 pm

    I’m so jealous you actually got to take home treats from Bettys! 😀 Lovely to see you as always dear!
    I’ve never been to Piglets Adventure Farm but I’ve seen the signs for it a bunch of times – I might have to make a trip over the summer as the little lady LOVES farms!

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