Treat Yourself To The Best Handmade Chocolate’s.

27th June 2018crelgey

*UPDATE JULY 2019 – Sadly Amelia’s has since closed its doors. *


Chocolate. Glorious Chocolate.

Chocolate is very much my Achilles heel. It is the one thing I cannot and will not live without. Not that you should cut out foods or food groups to that matter, but it is definitely something I would never give up as I would fail atrociously. Some people like carbs. Some like snacks/crisps. I like chocolate.

Enter, Amelia’s Chocolate. A local, Scarborough based chocolatier.

Chocolates, like cakes and flowers, are always a good idea and are an appreciated gift for any and many occasions. Even the sad ones. Amelia’s Chocolate has all possibilities covered, including the best reason of all – self-treating! And I think her boxed chocolate drops are the perfect fit.

handmade chocolate in yorkshire

handmade chocolate

homemade chocolate rainbow drops

Amelia’s handmade chocolate, in boxes, are available in so many varieties that you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. Just like I was! As well as the typical milk, white and dark chocolate choices, you’ll find some quite different variations such as chili and lavender, to name a couple. The lavender being sourced locally from local business Wolds Way Lavender.

I definitely suggest in this dilemma that you follow my suit and choose a box of the mix-up chocolates. This is a great way to have the best of all handmade chocolate drop worlds, by trying a bit of everything! Then you can make a better-informed choice of purchasing all the boxes of the variety that takes your fancy.

I was personally pleasantly surprised by the lavender drops. The combination somehow ‘works’. It is this dreaming and creating that shines through when you not only visit Amelia’s but also in the care and attention of their packaging and also their product.

They really are handmade chocolates made with 100% love.


Amelia’s Chocolate

122 Victoria Road


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