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7th June 2018crelgey

WOW! May went CRAZY! Well, it felt like it and I’m sure it’ll read like it also. Of course, most was self-inflicted, but in a good way. It’s what maternity leave is for right?!



  • SO many birthdays in May. In total, 4 parties! We had one particular day where we (I say we, I mean, I was obviously chauffer!) had two parties in one day. It really is true that your children will have a better social life than you. Does make me think how this is going to work when the baby grows up…


  • This month saw the end of our little man’s first rugby season. He’s come on so much with it all. It’s been one of the best investments of money and time. I personally have always loved the ethos behind the sport. The club is very family and team orientated. With the end of the season came the presentation evening which included a couple of player of the seasons, but what I thought was especially nice was that each child was given a medal and a certificate. Our little boy was super happy and we couldn’t have been prouder also. Here’s to next season! bring on September.


  • My friend decided that we should head out for some food to celebrate her birthday this month, leaving the choice up to me. Although I had many places on my list to visit, I chose for us to head to a newly refurbished and opened bar. Although the refurbishment was well overdue and looked lovely. We found the food to be mediocre. I am going to revisit and give them a second try, so keep an eye out for the review. All wasn’t lost on our evening though, deciding to head to the Casino for a little splurge, both going out £5 richer! Winners!


  • This month the two day Scarborough Food Fest was back on the pier. I didn’t find it fantastic. Plus I  feel although ran by the local newspaper and country paper along with other food figureheads, it was actually very poorly advertised. Socially, I only recall seeing it on my feed the week of it happening at random intervals. However, we did pop down for a wander and there really were some amazing smells and traders. I enjoyed a burrito from The Yorkshire Burrito Company. It was very yummy and of course, we purchased some fudge, as you can’t do a food fest without purchasing fudge!


  • Malton Food festival is ALWAYS a good idea. Well, that’s what I kept telling myself as I waddled around it, five days before my c-section date! But we made it and it was a fab couple of hours family time too. Malton is a town close to my heart and very much part of my childhood as it is where my mum’s office was based and I spent many school holiday days there. It’s a small town, but over recent years, it’s really come into its own as a ‘food capital’. The festival really is a must if you can make it. They also have monthly food markets.


  • The school half-term holiday just flew by. Being only a week this can sometimes be the case, but this one was extra special as it was the last one my five year old would have with just me. The husband had a few days off too, so we tried to do as much family time as possible. Plus on one day where it was just my boy and me, we baked loads, which he always enjoys. Well. Like his mummy, he enjoys the liking the bowl and spoon and then eating the finished product. Haha.


  • Although I’ve been maternity leave this month and as I’m sure you’ll gather from this post, it’s been hectic. I’ve really made the most of the free time with little walks with friends, tea and cake dates with friends, meeting friends new babies. Plus a few photo shoots for work. It was all lovely, but the last couple of weeks before the end of the month, I took one to myself staying in at home for the day days. Which was great. Then the following week, the last of the month was half term, so I enjoyed it with my little man before our new addition arrived. Here’s to lots more tea and cake dates with friends when I can walk further and have a new baby myself. 🙂


All About Me.

  • Coming to the end of my pregnancy meant I had two midwife appointments this month. 35 and 37 weeks. At my 35 week appointment, my midwife was concerned that I was measuring small. This measurement is taken from the top of your ‘bump’, where they believe the baby to be to basically your pelvic bone. These measurements are then mapped on a chart. To check all was OK, I was booked in at my local hospital to have a growth scan. I felt everything was OK, as he was still pretty active, but always best to check these things, plus, scans are lovely to see what’s going on in the bump of yours. As suspected, all was OK.


  • Oh, how I love hair appointment time! It saddens me that they’re not regular and won’t be for a little while yet, but I enjoy them none the less. I’ve just stuck with my dark brown colour on my roots (goodbye greys!) and dragged the colour through the bulk and ends in places, as both had really lightened over the last near 8 weeks. I’m definitely better darker. Though I’ll still forever wish for thicker hair!


This Space.

  • Things have been quiet over here this month, as I’m sure you can read above, I feel I haven’t stopped. Also, I’ve honestly struggled a little with motivation and post ideas, especially towards the end of the month, as my energy has been zilch and I’ve just been eager for baby to arrive, to start our new chapter and try and get a new routine/life/blog plan in place. But bear with me, I’ll be back!


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  • Jennie

    7th June 2018 at 9:39 pm

    I love food festivals! Missed Malton’s once agin. Next year!!! I believe the baby has arrived now, massive congratulations 🙂 x

    1. crelgey

      4th September 2018 at 9:40 pm

      Haha! Jennie, I will happily remind you next year! It’s a must. I know! It’s crazy and thank you. 🙂 x

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