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4th July 2018crelgey

One pretty amazing, massive and life-changing event happened in June. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about! However, although it took up most of the month of June, there were lots of other exciting things that happened.

Surely I’m due a quiet month, sometimes soon? Please…



  • So. I had a baby! Nine months, 39 weeks and the day finally arrived. I’d love to be one of those mums that says how amazing giving birth was, but, regardless of the fact that – I was happy to be having an elected c-section, and regardless of the fact that I smiled (part excited. part nervously) throughout the waiting, the surgery and initially after – it was, by far the scariest, painful and frustrating thing ever! BUT, worth it to have a gorgeous healthy boy from it.


  • May was pretty crazy for birthday parties, but it seems that June could match it. The big boy has three parties this month. With me not being able to drive, there was only one occasion where logistically it was a bit of a mission, but we made it. I need to remind myself that this really isn’t crazy or busy… Not yet. Once the little boy has a social life, THEN I’ll have something to complain about. Haha!


  • Father’s Day. Always a bit bittersweet for me, with not having my dad around. However, this year was made that bit more special as my husband became a dad to two boys, with the arrival of our second son. We enjoyed a normal chilled family Sunday, with a walk to and Sunday Lunch at the local pub. It was so yummy and it was also such a lovely day weather-wise.


  • I may have mentioned it before, but our now eldest little boy does street dance class once a week at a local dance centre. he had his first performance in February and this month was their full centre annual show, comprising of all the students.


  • The husband had two weeks paternity once our little boy arrived, so I decided to put friends of from visiting until after that. We don’t have any family local, so family visiting wasn’t an issue, we just thought it would be nice to have those two weeks just the three and four of us initially. Bonding time, you could say. having friends visit, a day at a time has made the first four weeks on my own at home nicer also. Especially with not being able to drive.


All About Me.

  • I’m trying not to be a cliche and get hung up on it and basically give myself a break, but I am carrying extra weight still. Now, I have no plans to ‘diet’, I’ve just began to make myself aware and also accountable of my eating habits and making some small changes now I’m not eating for two. So having weighed myself, I’ve re-downloaded My Fitness Pal onto my phone to start logging my foods. I do plan to write a blog post about my post-pregnancy body, so keep an eye out, if you’re interested.


This Space.

  • I’ve not really had much time to myself as such this month. Understandably. We’re still trying to carve a routine or find one, so really until then, I can’t commit to being able to do too much or writing and creating much. However, I do have ideas and half written posts in the pipeline, so hopefully sometime this year. Haha!


  • Along with this post, I was able to get one other post up this month and although quite a niche one and maybe not to everyone’s taste, it was something I really wanted to write about. Having a C-Section has as much stigma around it as how you should feed your baby, breast or bottle. If you fancy an honest read, here you are.


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