Scarborough Market Hall

Scarborough Market Hall And Its Independant Businesses.

18th July 2018crelgey

Scarborough Market Hall is quite the hidden treasure of the town. Hidden more in the respect that it’s not a ‘normal’ tourist attraction and although located close to South Bay, it’s actually set back of the main road.

Scarborough Market Hall History and Refurbishment.

The area where the Scarborough Market Hall now sits was originally shambles, that housed a slaughterhouse. The ‘vaults’ under the main building being used as a warehouse. Then in 1993, this space was converted into shop units. Fast forward again to 2016 and into 2017 and the main building underwent its own refurbishment, which included adding a mezzanine floor, allowing space for further shop units, as well as those trading on the main hall floor.

The building as a whole is quite grand. Originally opening in 1853 after being built using local tradesmen from the town and surrounding areas. The front of the building also features Whitby stone.

So What’s Inside?

Scarborough Market Hall, plus the vaults below are packed full of local independent businesses. From the practical to the quirky. There’s really something for everyone and is genuinely somewhere you could easily lose time walking around.

Upon entering the market hall, local produce seller ‘All Seasons’ proudly sits in the centre and you can’t help but marvel at the colours, variety and freshness of produce they sell. It really does make you question why you waste your time and money in chain supermarkets.

what's at scarborough market hall

DJ Horsley is another big draw for the market hall, with 46 years in the business, they’re a popular butcher, who also have a shop in another part of the town. They sell beef, pork, lamb and poultry in many variations and are more than happy to cater to any requests.

Tucked in a corner of the lower market hall is Solange Bakery. Definitely a unit not to be missed. If your nose is anything like mine, you’ll be drawn to it upon walking in. The unit is open and you can literally see their many yummy breads and treats being made and baked in front of your eyes. I’ve personally tasted many breads, shared their chocolate brownie with my little boy and the husband is forever asking for their chorizo bread, so feel we can all vouch for the goodness that is this little bakery.

If you head upstairs to the mezzanine, you’ll find further shop units. I have to mention one in particular which is the shop of Cliff Miller Photography. Cliff is a local photographer and such a lovely gentleman. I came across his photography last year and loved his style and also natural editing. On one visit to the market hall I popped into his shop and had a lengthy, interesting and very helpful chat with Cliff and also his wife. The shop houses a selection of his work, however, I’d recommend visiting his Facebook page to view more.

At the far end of this floor, there is a food court and dining area. To one side is Seafood Social. A one of a kind business that works in partnership with the local Rainbow Centre, helping to tackle homelessness and giving employment and training to those in such a situation. The menu is small but adequate and it’s also great to see that they advocate the ‘pay it forward’.

Found opposite is an eatery called Stacked. Again, they serve a small but adequate menu of burgers, bagels, cakes and shakes. (of the freak shake kind.) As well as choosing from their named burger and bagel list, which is a difficult choice already, you also have the option of building your own burger or bagel. Charged at just 50p per item, you could really build your own ‘stack’.

stacked, scarborough

As I mentioned, Scarborough market hall and vaults are full of amazing businesses. I have featured only a selection here, but I urge you if visiting Scarborough, or even passing on your walk down to the beach to pop in and find a hidden treasure.


Find it: Scarborough Market Hall, St Helen’s Square, Scarborough


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