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29th August 2018crelgey

The end of August signals the end of the school holidays. It’s been a crazy month, I feel we’ve done so much and I’ve really loved having my big boy home. He makes me so happy and proud as to the big boy he’s turning into. Also, as to how much he loves his little baby brother. We’ll miss him when he goes back to school.


Social. Family.

  • Although our eldest boy has friends at school, he also has friends who now attend different schools. So the school holidays, when they roll around, allow us time to see these friends from different schools and catch up. We’ve enjoyed many of these play dates and days out this month, over the course of these six weeks holidays.


  • Muston is a village just outside Scarborough, actually not far from the Haven parks. It’s not a village known for anything and isn’t a village that you’d pass through really going anywhere, however over the years it’s definitely put itself on the map with its annual Scarecrow Festival. known to locals, but taking part in the Summer holidays means fast becoming an ‘attraction’ for visitors to the area. The festival is a village affair and basically consists of those wishing to take part, making a scarecrow and displaying it outside their home. My favourites this year were the Greatest Showman ones and the painter hanging for the side of a house! The scarecrows can be entered into a competition and prizes for the most creative are given. We loved visiting and even came home with our very own mini scarecrow for the garden.


  • Our eldest enjoys playing football. He’s been going to a local session with Hawkes Health & Fitness since he was three. However, over the last few holidays, he’s begun attending their holiday club sessions, initially only one day a week and for half a day. So when this Summer holiday rolled around, I knew it would be something he’d do – which he did and also did one full day there and loved it. He also won player of the day and subsequently a branded water bottle! It’s safe to say, he loves it even more and the next holidays will definitely involve him doing if not one, but two, full days there!


  • Thornton le Dale Show is always a must for us. We attend every year. The fairground rides and games are possibly more of a draw for the children than the ‘country show’ side of it. But we do enjoy walking around and admiring all the animals. How do you get rabbits so big!? My eldest also enjoys the horsemen show and the very daring aerial stunts from Jamie Squibb. We got to take the husband/daddy with us this year. He was very happy that there was a beer tent…


  • This month saw the beginning of the dreaded jabs for our little one. I seriously cannot believe that they’ve added another one in for the first lot! It’s safe to say that he did not enjoy his first experience and was WELL aware it happened, as were we and everyone else in the doctor’s surgery that day! However it didn’t seem to last too long and although it disrupted his sleeping through for a few days, we survived. Just.


  • As much as our eldest enjoys his football and has done it from a young age, he does enjoy giving new things a try, which I love and definitely make happen for him. Golf is something that I’d say he enjoys, he likes the ‘crazy’ golf and has also done a short ‘course’ of normal golf, but it’s not something I know much about, from a lessons/learning perspective, so I took to Google. As if fate would happen, there was a children’s golfing fun day taking place at our local centre during the holidays. He went along and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I guess I’m now going to have to find space in the week to get him signed up…



All About Me.

  • This month was made awesome by seeing Britney AND Pitbull grace the open-air theatre, here in Scarborough! Yes, it actually happened. Many people doubted it would happen, myself included, even whilst sat in my seat with my friend I was sure it could still cancel, but it didn’t. Pitbull was amazing! He got the crowd going and was just on fire. Then Britney coming on afterwards, it was a really surreal evening. Such a great show and something I’m glad I can say I saw. The open-air theatre has really outdone itself this year with acts, though sad I couldn’t make much with being pregnant/having a newborn, but I really hope they do big next year!


This Space.

  • It feels every so quiet on here only blogging once a week, but my free time is so minimal right now, plus not all that exciting on a non-baby related level, plus, this is just a hobby and a ‘space’. I’m hoping that content is going up is being enjoyed. I’m trying to spread some of the baby-related posts/ideas out, so as not to spam and lose readers. However, two posts went up this week; Newborn Realities – some truths on that little bundle, then Personal Realities of having that little bundle. Both are quite personal posts.


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  • Chloe – New Girl in Toon

    30th August 2018 at 9:18 am

    I am so jealous you saw Britney – I love her and really wanted to get to Vegas and see her but didn’t get myself organised. I can’t believe she came to Scarborough! So crazy!

    1. crelgey

      4th September 2018 at 9:42 pm

      Aw, I’d have loved to have seen her in Vegas, but so glad I saw her. I love Britney also and sometimes you just don’t know when you’ll next get chance to do things/see people. And yes, even while I was sat waiting for her to come on stage I was still thinking this is crazy.. she can still cancel. Haha! x

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