The realities of having a newborn. There are so many changes and new experiences to be had. Here's what I've come across.

Having A Newborn Baby Some Realities.

8th August 2018crelgey


A newborn baby.

A bundle of joy. (amongst other words!) One of life’s miracles. Easily the only time you’ll properly experience love at first sight. The day your life turns upside down.

There’s so many positive and wonderful ways to explain having a newborn baby. However, what’s sometimes overlooked is the actual reality. This can be due to many things, a bit like with Instagram/social media you could say, sometimes people only like to show you the good. When the reality is the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’. It could also be the fact that people’s reality is the ‘good’. Some people do have ‘good’ ‘textbook’ babies. But, the reality is that every baby is different. Even people with more than one child – no two children will be ‘wired’ the same. Believe me.


The Things Babies Do.

I’m sure there are some generic things that a newborn baby will do, but I thought I’d share with you some hard truths about a newborn. The reality. Things that maybe other people wouldn’t share.

  • First Poo’s – For many people, having your own baby is the first time you may change a nappy. However, this is no joyous time. Those first newborn baby poos are something you’d expect Alien to be proud of. Described by professionals and parents alike, as black and ‘tar’ looking. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Though don’t be panicked, it’s only a phase and normal poos will begin soon enough. You’ll smell them no doubt! The science behind this black ‘tar’ poo is a build up of a number of things while baby was baking in the mother. This includes a cocktail of such things as: cells, mucus, amniotic fluid and water. Nice.


  • Cries. ALL the cries – Some say there are ‘different’ cries and that you’ll soon ‘tune into’ your baby and learn these and therefore what it is they need/want. Though, I can’t say personally this is the case! I will agree there are different cries, just not that I’ve fully decoded them yet. My favourite cry, that’s probably better defined as being a whinge, is the ‘fake’ one. You know, the one where there are no tears, a bottom lip comes out, they close their eyes so they can’t be distracted by your attempts to soothe them but they sneakily open one now and again to check you’re still there and listening. The others types, yeah, they’re just the load ones that, especially when out in public, you just wish the ground would open up and swallow you.


  • Projectile vomit – You may think this is overkill in the description, but I can assure you it is exactly that. Thankfully though, I can say that this is something we’ve only personally encountered a couple of times and no amount of muslin cloths will save you. The best thing to do is always feed and burp in a room with wipeable flooring. A lesson learnt and you’re welcome.


  • Milk Comas – Again, you may laugh, but they are definitely a thing. Don’t be fooled though, milk comas don’t always last a long period of time, ie – don’t expect a two-hour nap to happen off the back of one. If it does, then


  • Fancy A Shower? Of Wee – Oh you didn’t? That’s a bit unlucky. A boy thing I must point out. Again, something, in the beginning, we encountered a number of times. Humorous to see, until it happened to me. Not funny. It just makes you become an F1 pit stop mechanic style nappy changer.


  • More Poo’s. Chicken Korma? – For formula fed babies, expect those poos to change into something that, again, by professionals and parents alike would call something that resembles Chicken Korma. I apologise if like myself you’re a chicken korma lover, but, I promise, this is the best description. Going further into this, if like us, you change up the formula – we changed to SMA Comfort, which is a tad thicker, expect those chicken korma poos and the milk alike to smell of some kind of cheese.. parmesan maybe?


  •  The Joys Of Colic – Said no one ever. Colic along with reflux and even the combo of them both is just, well, pure hell. Colic is something I don’t remember that much about from having our first child. This is either due to wishing to forget or that he didn’t really suffer with it. However, our second child has and does suffer from it. Quite. Bad. For those not aware, colic is normally defined as being a bad case of trapped wind. Further to this brief description is this, the three three’s – It begins around week three, it consists of three hours (or more) of deathly crying (more so on an evening) and lasts for up to three months. As with most things, there is no magical cure for all, it’s basically a case of trying everything and anything and seeing what works. We use a combination of Infacol, colic friendly bottles and teats, some baby massage, different burping positions, plus taking our time to burp and continuously burping and lastly tag teaming – taking over from one another when the crying gets too much, or we feel we need 5 minutes.


There they are, some hard newborn baby realities. Some harder than others (we’re talking about you colic), but of course, the positives majorly outweigh the ‘negatives’. This was a post to really outline a few things I’ve dealt with, that can hopefully ease the thinkings of any new parents and be a real read to any parents-to-be.


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  • Julia

    11th January 2019 at 7:31 am

    Dear lord, vomit is one thing but projectile vomit is next level :/

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. crelgey

      9th May 2019 at 10:24 pm

      You couldn’t even make it up. #truestory x

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