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1st August 2018crelgey

It feels like July just arrived! Seriously, where is this year going? I fear I’ll blink and it’ll be Christmas! Which would be awesome as it’s my favourite month, but also no, as we’ll be weaning our little boy and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

But here’s what July had in store for us.



  • Baby and I had our six-week checks with the health visitor, then the doctor. The health visitor visit was a general one, recording baby’s weight and asking all the questions. The doctor basically asked the same, but also did an examination, checking eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chest and hips. I’m pleased to say we’re all good.


  • Our little man’s first primary school sports day! It was a long, but great afternoon and also very warm and sunny. He totally smashed though, everyone did. Coming away with a number of winning stickers, he loved it. Soaking up the atmosphere and really revelling in it. He’s quite competitive, but also a sore loser. Daddy competed in the dad’s egg and spoon race coming second. Mummy will get a go next year!


  • Reception year done. So crazy that that’s his first school year done. Totally mirroring what was said in his report, our little boy has really grown in himself over this year. The things he’s learnt and also the things he comes out with… Total sponge! We couldn’t be prouder though. I have my reservations about his next class, as it’s a completely new teacher to the school as well as the children, but we’ll see. I just want him to keep his enthusiasm to learn.


  • July always means a trip to Jedburgh to see our auntie. I say always, but for the last four years, it has been the case. With the timing of the school breaking up this year, we decided to stay a little longer, which was nice. We enjoyed some time around Jedburgh. I wrote a blog post about Things To Do In Jedburgh We also enjoyed a lovely BBQ at our aunties caravan with friends on the site. It was a fab evening.


  • I’m all for memories and with having another little boy, making sure he has the same/similar things and experiences as our older boy has had. I don’t want any favouritism. Plus with it being four years since our last family photos, having our new little boy gave me an excuse to get our photographer Rich back. Rich is behind Rd1 Photography and is based in Leeds. Rich first did newborn shots of our first little boy back in 2013, then a shoot the following year and then lastly he shot our wedding. He’s a great guy, getting some amazing shots, plus the bonus being that he will travel to you/your home, which is a godsend when you’re dealing with a newborn.


  • Our nephew came to stay with us for five days. Although nine years older than our eldest, it’s always great him visiting as he plays and entertains our boy so well. Plus he’s quite well mannered, so a breeze to deal with. We enjoyed a few days out, going to The Deep in Hull, Dalby Forest and also a morning at the beach.


All About Me.

  • I went out out! Well, a meal and one glass of Rose. Is that out out? Anyway, I went out. It was for a colleague from works leaving do/meal to a lovely Italian in town. I couldn’t say no to it. Plus hello carbs.


This Space.

  • It’s been a quiet month on the ole blog. However, I was finally glad to get my post up on Scarborough Market Hall It’s a post I’ve had drafted/part written for some time. ButI finally got chance to finish it and get the picture I needed. It’s a post I’ve wanted to write for some time as the hall really is a hidden gem of the town.


  • Next month will see a motherhood/baby related post go up, which is quite a personal one, but hopefully also with some added humour. You’ll come to realise that you have to have a sense of humour and be able to laugh at situations, even yourself, after having a child, to get through it.



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