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26th September 2018crelgey

How has September been and gone?! I swear it was just the beginning of the Summer holidays last week. We’re definitely getting into a good routine at home. Oh how I love routine.

So here’s a catch up on most of what’s happened this last month and here’s to October.


Social. Family.

  • New School Year! I know our boy started last year, but I feel year 1 is a true signal of being a fully fledged schoolie. So far so good though. I just hope it is still play based for them. I don’t believe in too much table work for young children. They can learn and you can teach just as much in different ways.


  • So for those who may not know, with babies, you’re asked to attend a Baby clinic. At least once a month. These are run by health visitors and are basically a ‘check-in’. Baby is weighed, his red book updated and you have the chance to chat with a professional about anything you may have on your mind. Feeling like a bad parent, having last had my little one weighed in July, I felt I should really make an effort to attend a clinic this month! All was Ok though, with him weighing in at a good stone.


  • I may have mentioned before that I had planned a mystery tour for my lovely Leeds/York-based friend Lizi, which she’d thoroughly enjoyed. So we set a date for another. Our friend Rach joined us this time,  as she’s Scarborough based anyways! I’d planned another jam-packed day, however, the weather obviously didn’t get the email. Though it did wait until after lunch to chuck it down. So our walk to the seafront and out to the pier was a tad wet, to say the least. We had a great day though. Here’s to mystery tour part 3!?


  • Oh baby jabs. There’s just no end to them, I swear! And they don’t get any easier. Though, preschool jabs are definitely the worse. I truly believe this, as a toddler, they may not understand truly why they’re having them, but they know they definitely don’t want them and yet you are holding them and making them. Heart. Breaking. So although dealing with a screaming baby is difficult, I’ll take it for now.


  • September is also the month that a lot of places release their Christmas attraction tickets. the likes of Castle Howard and Piglets being the favourites, locally, and always our go-to. Thankfully I was able to get us tickets, for when I wanted, for both. Castle Howard tickets always sell out so quickly, as their Santa event is so many children per sitting. So just a heads up for you parents!


ll About Me.

  • I got my hair done! Trivial I know, but, I tried to think of how long it’s been since I last had it done and the fact I can’t remember says a lot! I’ve just kept it my normal brown, colour wise and had a decent trim on the length, as it was so overdue. I think I’ve finally learned to stay true to my natural/normal colour and lengthwise, no shorter than just below my shoulders.


  • Yes, it may be September, but starting my Christmas shopping this month is the norm. So there! Spreadsheet/notes made of recipients and ideas, plus costs and links. Yes. It is that much of a military operation.


This Space.

  • Well, it’s been a bit quiet on here this month hasn’t it!? This is partly due to not having anything scheduled from the previous month, as it was still the Summer holidays and time to myself to write was very non-existent. But looking forwards, I have some great content to share and hope to get posts up more regularly, so stay with me!

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  • Louise

    27th September 2018 at 7:56 am

    Hoping those Castle Howard tickets hold out until payday. 🙏 you’re far more organized than me, time I started thinking about Christmas gifts

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