It wont be new news that having a newborn baby means you can wave goodbye to your eight hours of consecutive sleep. However we've found a way of maximising and really making the most the hours we do get.


26th October 2018crelgey


Living With A Sleep Thief.

It won’t be new news that having a baby means you can kiss goodbye to the luxuries in life. By luxuries I mean things like, going to the toilet on your own and not being rushed whilst on the toilet. Shower on your own and or actually have a shower where you wash both your body AND your hair at once, rather than over two days. Then probably the most import luxury of all, that not only helps with daily functioning but also whether to interact with said person based on how it went or didn’t go, is – Sleep.

Definitely, something you easily take for granted before having children.

Fancy another drink while on a fab night out? Why not. You’ve got the next day to recover. Who needs sleep anyways! – Oh, how I used to be that person. Able to roll into work after 5 hours sleep. Now, two children later, not so much. I mean obviously I’m not rolling into work as such, but.

Bedtime is a sacred time. My bedroom is my haven. My safe place. My happy place, like Next used to be before I had children and now just go to spend money on them. But being the sanctuary it is and with a sleep thief being slowly tamed – in that I now count five consecutive hours sleep as ‘winning’ – it became apparent that our bed and mattress were due replacement. Let’s face it, once your head hits that pillow, you want to and need to make sure that you’re getting ALL and THE best sleep you can! Am I right?!

That is before the four months sleep regression kicks in, but let’s NOT talk about that right now. (Let’s just pray.)

new leesa mattress


Enter this Leesa. Leesa is a UK based company that not only looks after people by designing such amazing mattresses but one that also gives back. For every ten mattresses sold, they donate one to a charitable cause and have given so many thousands of people a comfier start to not only their days but their futures. Leesa also gives back to the Earth, working with Arbor day Foundation, by planting one tree for every mattress sold. Their plan is to have planted one million trees by 2025.

Now back to the mattress. It really is ‘a better place to sleep’. The mattress has three layers of foam, which ultimately give you the right amount of ‘sink’, without actually sinking. Apart from softly and quietly into a deep sleep, that is. Yes, sadly due to its deep sleep abilities, your husband/partner will STILL sleep so well and come morning will deny all knowledge of hearing the sleep thief wake up screaming at 1am, 3pm and then 5pm.

Also on the technical side, the foam layers actually also help with cooling – which is brilliant, as I don’t know about anyone else, but I still don’t think my body temperature has reset since being pregnant. From always being such a cold person – temperature-wise, not personality I may add! It’s nice to feel regulated whilst asleep, which ultimately helps sleep that much better due to not having to stick a foot out of the covers to cool down and or steal more duvet from the other side!

That being said, it’s a fabulous mattress. So much so that our eldest boy now joins us in the morning for ‘5-minute cuddles’. Aw. Plus quite genius in the overall design and packaging. It came flat, rolled, wrapped and boxed. Upon removal from the box, placed in place and unrolled, we watched in anticipation and oar as the mattress ‘grew’. Magic.

Now, I may not be able to give you the magic spell in taming a sleep thief to sleep through the night. If I could I’d a millionaire! However, I can leave you with these words of wisdom – The lovely people at Leesa are offering YOU £100 off a Leesa mattress by visiting here* and using the code CAROLINEELGEYWHITE at the checkout. You’re welcome. You deserve it!

Leesa also offers a ‘100 nights risk-free-trial’. I mean, I definitely don’t think you’ll need that long to fall in love with it, but…


Now go forth and sleep!

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  • Lizi Legge

    26th October 2018 at 11:59 am

    I seriously need a new mattress and this one sounds amazing. I can’t even imagine the new mum life with so little sleep, surely it makes you superhuman?! xx

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