I love our tradition of making up Christmas Eve boxes for the boys. And they love them too. I keep them simple, with a few items that feature year in, year out.

What’s In Our Christmas Eve Box.

19th December 2018crelgey

Christmas eve box.

I guess I can thank my mum. She loved it so much. She was always the one up at 5/6 am with me. The one playing with my new toys with me, especially lego. She loved building Lego.

With so many amazing memories, then having children of my own, I really wanted to make sure that Christmas was just as magical for them, as it was for me. Our eldest now being nearly six years old, we have many traditions, which you can read about. One such tradition, which my mum didn’t actually participate in with me is that of a Christmas Eve box. It wasn’t really something on my radar until I had the boys, but it’s something I love getting involved in now.


Christmas Eve Box?

First, a *disclaimer* – Please know that these are all my own ideas. I don’t profess to be the Christmas eve Box guru and what I say is how it is. I think the magic around, especially this time of year and such forth it that you make your own stories. Your own memories. Just because Sally does it that way makes it neither right or wrong.

Now, we actually use Elf (Elf on the shelf) as the giver of the Christmas eve box. Since he goes home on the evening of the 23rd, we use the story that he goes back to give Santa a full report of your (the children’s) behaviour and if good, he leaves a box of goodies to say Happy Christmas.

christmas eve box


And the contents?

I feel there are a number of things that a Christmas Eve box cannot be without. So these are my must have’s:

  • New, fresh, clean, PJ’s. Extra points for the Christmas variety. Although not fluffy and warm, I got the boys these matching polar bear pj’s from Matalan.
  • A cuddly toy. Both of my boys have a Rudolph comforter with their name on, which are from The Fabric Bug. They even come in a cute red bag with their names on. I do feel though, that this item may change over the years.
  • DVD. Obviously of the Christmas variety. Possibly not so much of a necessity, as hello Netflix etc. But still. I used to put Elf in, but even now our eldest enjoys watching Curious George.
  • A book. Again, it has to be Christmas related. My eldest has the night before Christmas, but I am thinking of adding a more age-appropriate book next year since he’s now reading himself. I like the ‘Santa Comes to (enter town/city)’ selection.
  • Some chocolate. Coins. Hot chocolate. Something similar. Chocolate is chocolate right? This year I decided to add in a hot chocolate stirrer from Amelia’s in our town. I might have to share it with him.


Now on to the, shall we say, extracurricular items:

  • Stocking. Always by the fire, you may say? Hello, fire risk. No, in all seriousness, our stockings have always gone on our beds, which doesn’t happen until the 24th, so putting them in the Christmas eve boxes is just nice. To me. Both of the boys stockings have their initial on and are from Matalan.
  • Santa Stop Here. Door Hanger. This is quite a novelty item as let’s be honest, if Santa is in your house it’s obviously because you’ve been good, so yeah. But I wanted another something as a keepsake for the boys over the years and these personalised wooden door hangers which I got from eBay are perfect.
  • Cookies for Santa.  I’m not going to lie. Plus knowing my child, I can about 100% positively say that Santa will be lucky to get one of these cookies. my boy loves baking. But he also loves eating. What can I say? I raised him well. We always love to get some baking in for Christmas treats and visitors and these quick mixes are perfect. I picked this box up from B&M for £1.
  • Activity book. My eldest loves a good activity book. Especially word searches, mazes and spot the difference. Quick activities are good for 5 minutes of peace and keeping the brain going while school is out. This one has stickers, meaning I’m/Elf is definitely going to get some brownie points.
  • Balloons. Novelty item. I contemplated the magic snow. I then imagined the mess. I decided on the balloons. True story. These I picked up from the Poundshop. They have Merry Christmas written on them, however, there were other designs available. But I believe they also light up, somehow.

There it is, a guide to the Christmas Eve box. Have ou yours sorted? Is it something do you in your household?


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