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5th December 2018crelgey

It’s nearly Christmas!

Sorry, I know this post is about November, but I just can’t help myself. November always seems to be a bit of a drag at times, because I’m just willing it away to December. As sad and also wrong as that is.


What’s Been Happening.

Early to the professionals, but right for us, we started the little man on some baby rice and porridge. The crazy times have started! It seems to be going down well. So fingers crossed. The eldest started his last school term of the year and my favourite – the one leading to Christmas. Bring on the Christmas activities, fairs, plays and parties. We also had his first parents evening of this school year and as we expected, it went well. Though I can begin to feel that point of a place where, you love how much of a sponge they are to school and learning, but also, that they are starting to become a bit big for their boots. I may have got a U in GCSE Maths, my son, but I do know that seven add four is eleven. The end.

Bonfire night soon came round after Halloween, as it does. Although daddy took eldest to the local bonfire and fireworks display, little one and I stayed home in the warmth. Had we got a carrier for him I may have contemplated taking him up. The bonfire is held in a quarry, and not really lit at night, so not the place for a pram. Plus, I thought it may have been a tad too noisy for him. We did, however, all enjoy seeing Santa come in on his boat a couple of weeks later. I admit this was probably lost on the youngest, but, it’s a tradition he’ll grow up to know and love, just like the eldest and myself. And that, is Christmas officially started.



Missed Something, And Some Thoughts.

Although I profess to not being a mummy/parent blogger, I sadly can’t deny that, especially with a newborn, 90% of my time and brain processes are taken up doing mummy/parental things, so writing about things is what’s coming easily to me at the moment. My recent post What I Love About Being A Mum was lovely to write and a post I definitely need to read back at times of dismay!

I spoke last month about the conversations in the blogging community in regards to fake followers. Although not a new topic and it’s something that is raised often, our annoyance has been heard and it seems Instagram is finally listening. This article sums it up.



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