I Will Be An Organised Human This Year.

23rd January 2019crelgey

I am definitely not the most organised person in the world. I have nothing on Marie Kondo. Neither am I the most productive. However. Over the last year, there’s been a lot of change personally and in my life overall. My perfect morning routine is now a thing of the past, replaced with a new more hectic one.

With some sanity being restored, especially by a routine coming about of some description, which couldn’t have timed better with the New Year, I’ve begun to get back into my happy place of organising and planning and it feels good.

With all this in mind, I thought I’d share some tips for productivity that have been currently working for me.



You know all that stationary you keep buying? – Hello, Paperchase reward card. This is the time to put it to actual use. You know, what it was made for and (possibly) bought for. I say possibly because I know that being a stationary magpie is a real thing – you’re drawn to it for all the non-purpose reasons. But here’s an idea: Why not use one to write these tips for productivity down? Just have a think on it.

I do love lists. I could literally make lists about lists. Which ties in well with my next point…


Sunday Breakdowns.

No, not because Monday is around the corner. Though that is very justified. I’m talking more about ‘brain dumping’. Getting it all down on paper. Everything that’s buzzing around that head of yours, whatever it may be, write it down. Once it’s down on paper, you can then process it and deal with it.

I believe this was a concept from the Miracle Morning, or something similar. To deal with all that’s in your head from the last week and also plan for the week ahead. One way to do this is list all the jobs for the coming week and dispense them over the week. Highlighting in green the things that are necessities.


A Calander/Diary/Journal.

I know some people bullet journal and or like I say, purely rely on their phones, it’s completely your call. As long as it’s working for you and you use it. Me. I like a diary. I’ve always had a diary. In both senses of the term too. When younger I had the lock and key, hide it in the drawer type of diary. Now, I have the leave it out to remind yourself – in your old age and baby brain from two children – what you are doing that day, type of diary.

I’ve actually written a post about my Personal Planner And How I use it.



As a blogger, this is a pretty normal admission. Although saying that, I know some dislike the idea of scheduled tweets – more so for the time-consuming reason, and I agree. It is the most mundane task ever.

But I see it this way. As creators/bloggers, we spend countless hours writing, taking photographs, editing, visiting places, researching maybe, to then publish posts/articles on our sites and then – ? Not just for pageviews, but we should share and shout about our content from the rooftops.



Having writer’s block – Have the want to write but can’t think of the words? Read. My mum forever nagged me to read more. But to no avail. However, over the last eight years, I can finally say, I get it. Sorry, mum.

I have a handful of blogs that I catch up on each week. I wrote about a few of my favourites in a post titled 30-Plus Bloggers I’ve Fallen In Love With. Reading other blogs really inspires me and can trigger ideas for future content as well as life-related help. It can also influence you to make purchases, I’m not going to lie, but then at least you’ll have something to write about!


Step Away.

Sometimes life gets overwhelming. You can be the most organised person or the worst. It happens to us all. You are not alone. Taking a step back from things. Be it a situation, a friendship, a blank screen, that time away can often than not be exactly what you needed. To see things clearer.


Now excuse me while I go and watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, maybe get some more tips for productivity.


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