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A Bonkers Evening With Mecca Bingo, Scarborough – Ad

13th February 2019crelgey
I was invited to spend a Bonkers evening with Mecca, Scarborough in return for this post. However, all thoughts, use of my dabber and mummy dancing to Clubland tunes are my own.



One of the places, until the last few years, I least expected myself to ever visit until the blue rinse stage. To be honest, after two children, I feel this is potentially something that is a lot closer than I first anticipated! But either way, I have zero issues with saying that I LOVE BINGO. Though, I’d definitely love it more if I won.

Mecca seems to be aware of people’s preconceived perceptions of the possibly dated bingo hall. So have brought in the big balls. You laugh. True story. They’ve teamed up with Bonkers Bingo to make bingo interesting and that is definitely, one word to describe it and to draw in this new wave of dabbers, they have also jumped on the 90’s revival bandwagon that seems to be doing the rounds. And you know what? I am totally here for that.


Bonkers Bingo.

Now, Bonkers Bingo. It is exactly that. it is by no means for the fainthearted or the prudish. it is all out adult fun and humour. The game follows the normal path of you have a booklet and work from page to page. Beginning with a line, two lines and then a full house. But that’s where normalities end. Forget the bingo calls of late we all know so well, Bonkers Bingo is bringing us right back into the 21st century. For example, number 69 was followed by Bon Jovi’s Summer of 69, with bingo coming to a halt for an audience dance and sing-a-long. A lone number was greeted with a Bridget Jones’ worthy performance of ‘All By Myself’. The audience interaction really makes it all that more fun. You can’t help but join in.

Bonkers Bingo Scarborough

The prizes are, as expected. Shit. But, potentially to some peoples tastes. A sex game, unicorn mask and a blow-up costume of some description were among those on offer. But it was the Life-size cardboard cut out of Jason Momoa that we took a liking to. Sadly. it went to some bloke.

Audience participation is key to Bonkers Bingo. Enter. The big balls.

This game involved keeping said bouncy big red balls, with numbers on, up in the air until the host said stop. Then, it was a case of everyone for themselves to grab and hold onto a big ball. Which obviously saw madness break out! As well as being quite humorous! A winner was found by the host asking a series of questions in regards to ‘if your number was higher or lower than..’. It was at this moment that we saw Jason Momoa go to some bloke. But we won’t mention that again. Promise.



Time really flew by and before we knew it, our host was waving goodbye. However, the night wasn’t over. Oh no. As I mentioned, Mecca has begun hosting acts alongside they Bonkers Bingo evenings. Past acts include 5ive. With tonights helping being Ultrabeat, joined by an MC.

We might all know their absolute banger ‘Pretty Green Eyes’, you’re singing it now, aren’t you? But what else did this DJ have to play, we wondered? All of Clubland was the answer. And the crowd, myself included were totally there for it! The MC had the crowd jumping and the DJ’s mixes were on point.

It was a really great evening. Bonkers Bingo is definitely my new fav. Even more so because the caller actually calls at a respectable speed! (probably due to everyone being tipsy and beyond!)

Mecca Bingo Scarborough is continuing their 90’s revival Bonkers Bingo events with Blazin Squad being next on the cards. I am. ‘Here 4 One’ for that!


What do you think? Have you been to Bonkers Bingo before? What did you make of it?


Find it: Mecca Bingo, Abermarle Crescent, Scarborough, YO11 1XS


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