5 Things That Happened Last Month.

6th February 2019crelgey

Happy New Year!

It feels crazy writing that, but here we are, another fresh year, to do and be whatever we want. And I am fully onboard for that! January has really felt like the never-ending month. Hasn’t it? The post-Christmas/January blues are real.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom though, so here are 5 positive things that have happened this January.


  1. The tug-of-war. The new year always begins as a family and as a community. In my thirty years of living here, I can wholeheartedly say I’ve only missed a handful. (which were probably in my twenties and I was still hungover from the night before!) Our village is actually two. Separated by the river. The tug-of-war is between the pubs/club on each side with volunteering locals. It’s always well spectated by villagers. Once it’s over, everyone heads back to the pubs/club for a drink or two, wishing everyone they meet a happy new year.

  2. I started the year as I intend to go on – being sociable for myself, not just my children. Lunching with Lizi, Kel and Rach at Giraffe, York is always a pleasure. It’s great to catch up and I always feel at the time, as well as leave feeling happy and positive. Our chats generally centre around food and I am here for that!

  3. With the eldest back at school, that meant the youngest and I started back at our baby groups. He’s grown and changed so much in a month. Crawling, sitting unaided, has two teeth and is finally liking food. Especially finger foods/bananas/crisps.

  4. I reached my second weight loss target. Quite a personal one and not a big deal to everyone. I knew losing the baby weight would take time, plus I’ve not been and am not putting major pressure on myself to lose it. These targets are small and totally achievable. I’m just enjoying this time, my new baby and family and re-learning to love myself and body.

  5. As I mentioned, this year I plan to be more mindful and appreciate what I have over what I want. A phone app is currently being used to help limit my phone/social media use on an evening, forcing me to read more and be present. Problems have arisen around making plans with friends, as most people are active on an evening. But I’m trying to persist. I also want to be more productive with my time – I wrote a few tips about how I’m doing this. A fancy new diary always helps!


I hope you’re January has been kind to you. Here’s to February!

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  • Claire Chircop

    10th February 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Sounds like a fab month Caroline! And you’re right, January definitely felt like it lasted FOREVER! I’m wanting to get booked into some parent & baby groups soon, I feel like I’m getting a bit of cabin fever at home throughout the week 🙂 I could definitely do with that app too! Granted I’m spending less time on social media now we have the baby, but it’s still nice to limit times spent on our phones I think. I’ve started getting quite headachey if I’m on my phone too much or watching TV for long periods of time.

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