5 Things That Happened Last Month.

6th March 2019crelgey

February. The shortest month, but by no means, not the quietest. There’s always plenty going on and that’s even without the fact of having two children!


  1. The most exciting thing that happened this month is by far our long-awaited family visit to Center Parcs. I say long awaited as we not only booked it what feels like forever ago, but last year was the first year in five years we haven’t visited. Our first visit being in 2015. We had a lovely time, although challenging at times with a new eight-month-old. Our eldest did a couple of new activities this time, which was great to see.
  2. A bittersweet return from our Center Parcs visit saw a couple of friends and I head to our local Mecca Bingo hall. I’d been invited to have a night out to experience their Bonkers Bingo evening, which included a set by DJ Ultrabeat. It was such a good evening. Bonkers Bingo really is just that, and Ultrabeat was brilliant. Playing so many old Clubland songs, I was in my element! With Blazin Squad at the next evening, my friend and I are definitely returning.
  3. This month has been a bit quiet socially, in respect of baby group attending and playdates. Especially with being away at Center Parcs, then having a week to get back into the swing of home life, then half term kicking in. However, the week before half term we did make it to baby book time at our village library. It’s a lovely small group and being in the village and really all knowing one another, it’s great to have a chat. We all also got together on a separate day, letting the little ones have a play/roll around/crawl, then going for a brew. It really is nice to have other mums to talk to.
  4. February is a good month for celebrations, with Valentine’s Day, plus the husband’s birthday. We didn’t do anything majorly specifically for either, but they were enjoyed with cards and a few birthday pressies, plus Chinese for a birthday tea.
  5. The last week of February brought half term. I have no clue why our holiday date was different to the rest of the country, or surrounding counties. But we had a fab time between home days and out days on our own or with friends. Already making plans for the Easter holidays!



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