5 Things That Happened last Month.

1st May 2019crelgey

April. Not my best month, but, do you know what, it was surprisingly and thankfully enlightening. Good time spent with family, old friends and also new friends. Yummy food, much laughing and also child-free time! Oh yes.

Here’s a roundup.


  1. Malton is only down the road, in so many terms and somewhere I cherish on a personal level, yet somewhere that has really lacked to be featured on my blog for some reason. But after a visit with a friend there this month, expect a post or two. We enjoyed walking, lunch and some yummy treats.
  2. My good friend Lizi visited for a day. Along with Rach who also lives in Scarborough we met for a lovely lunch at Relish, then Lizi and I got a few new piercings. The day wrapped up by GBT at Florios for tea. It was the perfect girly and child-free day. Here’s to July!
  3. It’s been 7 years since my mum passed away. I spent this years anniversary taking pictures for my friends business and of course, with my boys. I do let my mind wander sometimes with thoughts, especially this time of year. I feel this post on what she’s missed/is missing pretty much sums it up.
  4. Who loves Afternoon Tea? – I do. Back to Filey Bistro I went to sample their daily Afternoon Tea. I first visited at Christmas for their themed Afternoon Tea and knew I had to return. April and a friends birthday was the perfect excuse.
  5. Easter and the holidays.  We always visit Piglets in the holidays. It’s pretty close and it’s such a fab outside activity place. We finally visited Cedar Barn too. They have a cute little railway and being Easter, an Easter Egg Hunt, which was great to do as a family. The eldest and I enjoyed baking some Easter treats and eating them of course! Plus we spent time locally at the park with school friends. Oh and the Easter Bunny did visit, with some yummy Thornton’s Eggs.


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  • Claire Chircop

    4th May 2019 at 3:00 pm

    I’ve been trying to think of places to go and explore during the Summer days, but I hadn’t thought of Malton. We used to go to Flamingo Land all the time when we were kids, but I don’t think I’ve actually been to Malton itself. I bet it’d be nice for a little day wander 🙂

    Claire. X

    1. crelgey

      9th May 2019 at 10:19 pm

      Oh, it’s such a lovely market town. On a nice day it’s lovely to walk around – see people sat outside places, watching the world go by. It’s really taken off as a foodie place, you’d love it. 🙂

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