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19th June 2019crelgey
*This post/review on photo books is in conjunction with Max Spielmann. But all love for the concept is my own and six years old.


I’ve mentioned before that I am all about the memories and memory-making. When I lost my parents it was all I had and I really drew on that corner of my brain to make sure I never forgot. Now especially I have my own children, it’s amazing the memories that spring to mind from my own childhood. Sometimes triggered by the most random of things, but none the less, they make me smile.

I love taking pictures. Even as a young child I’d go through those disposable cameras in no time! Thankfully and more so since blogging, my photography skills have improved and I’ve grown a real love and also eye for capturing images. I like the creativity it brings.

Now, I’m not one for photo albums. I have the grand total of two in my life. One being a self photo album. A few photos from my childhood, more so picture son me with friends, especially nights out in my twenties! The second album I’ve collated through trawling through the masses of photos my late parents had. This album showcases each of my parents growing up, as children, through to dating, marriage and me. It also have pages of my birth and childhood. I’ve recently added photos of my husband as a baby and child. This book will ultimately be one that our children can look back on.

I may not print and have boxes and masses of photos all over the house, but I do have them stored on my computer and hard drive. There are a lot. I won’t lie. They are, though, categorised and in named and dated folders, so they are easily accessible. You wouldn’t have expected anything less from me, surely?

But I wanted to go a step further.


Photo books?

It was when my eldest turned one. I decided to make a photo book. An upgrade, if you will, to the photo album. A book to showcase ‘his best bits’ from his first year. From his birth right up to his 1st birthday party. My thought being that it would be more easily storable, nicer to look at and ultimately, something that he could look back on and hopefully not destroy.

I’ve made a book for him for the last six years. They’re kept on his bookshelf and he loves flicking through them. I’ve seen him many times sat on his bed looking at them. Plus, they really do their job of sparking memories. A few times he’s come to me and told me what he remembers from certain pictures and where they were and who he was with at the time.

So, of course, it would only be right that I continue this tradition for our second child and Max Spielmann  we’re happy to help.*

max spielman photo book

Making A Photo Book.

I’m going to add a little tip about how I go about compiling my photos ready for uploading. As I mentioned above, I’m quite the organiser with my photos. But here’s where it steps up a notch – Bear with me!


Pre-Organise and or title your photos. Firstly, go through all your photos and copy them to a separate folder. Then, with this folder make sub folders for each month of the year and distribute your photos into their respective folders. This actually made the photo book making process less stressful in the long run, as I simply upload a month at a time. Instead of uploading a folder full of pictures and having to scroll through, looking for all the photos that relate to a certain month or remembering from memory when photos were taken because they don’t have a name.


I’m no whizz on the computer. I’m forever asking for help on anything technical and am the first to tell stories of how big computer monitors used to be, as well as keyboards. Plus the fact that you used to have to write code on MS-DOS to get a program to work!

Anyways, my point was that the process of making your photo book is easier than you’d think. I can do it.

Plus, there are so many options available to make your book as personal as you wish. I know it’s not the same as handmaking a scrapbook or handwriting comments on photos etc, but I bet, it’s pretty close. You can choose the size and type of cover for your book, then when using the editing tool you can explore a number of ways of adding personal touches from adding different coloured or textured backgrounds to the pages of your book as well as ‘stickers’ to give a scrapbook feel to the page layout and how many photos you’d like per page.

You get twenty pages as standard for your photo book, but for an additional cost you can add as many further pages as you wish. Also, the bar at the bottom of the editing page allows you to scroll through your ‘book’, so you can easily go back to pages and edit/make changes.


Another tip I would add would be to register /sign up. You can decline the marketing aspect, but signing up and creating an ‘account’ allows you to then save your project. So if you don’t complete making your photo book, you can log back in at any time and finish it.


The Finished Product.

The end product could not be any more perfect. I mean, of course, it is because it’s a book full of pictures of my boy(s), but more than that, it’s the quality. Obviously, Max Spielmann cannot take responsibility in regards to the quality of the photos. That is dependant on their resolution when they were taken, so differ for example between phone and camera photos.  However, the quality of the book itself is undeniable. The paper is gloss like and a good ply. Priced at just £18.00 it is more than worth it.

Photo books are something I mention to all my friends, especially new mums and I definitely could not recommend Max Spielmann more. The ease of their site and the option to have your items delivered or collect in-store makes it all a very worthwhile tradition, if I do say so myself – which also doesn’t break the bank!

max spielman photo book

Have you used Max Spielmann before and or made a photo book?


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