5 Things That Happened Last Month.

3rd July 2019crelgey

I feel it’s becoming quite a common assurance that I say, ‘wow, this month has been crazy!’ or ‘where are the months going!’ But it’s honestly the truth. Always looking forward, planning and then BOOM they’re here and gone in the blink of an eye.



  1. Our boy turned one this month. one. A whole twelve months he’s been part of this family and well an truly spun it around, but in a good way! We love him. We had a lovely small gathering of friends at the house for a playdate, with some nibbles, BBQ and of course a daddy made cake. I had begun to question whether this whole first birthday for the children actually makes sense.. I mean, surely the parents deserve an award for 12 whole months of a baby.
  2. As well as our youngest’s 1st birthday, this month has been filled with many birthday celebrations. Two other 1st birthdays and a couple of other birthdays in between. It’s been lovely being invited to celebrate with friends.
  3. Father’s Day. Always a tricky one. I’m grateful that the boys have a daddy, which gives my mind something else to focus on, rather than I’m missing mine. I think it would be harder if not. We just had a nice family day together, as we generally do on Sunday’s. I’d helped the boys make a special gift at a local pottery place and of course a Funky Pigeon card.
  4. I saw The Backstreet Boys live! So many years! SO many years! And I’ve finally seen them. They were a favourite of mine and my late mum’s and we always said we’d go and see them when they toured, but they never did and my mum passed away. So when this tour was released I knew I had to, for myself and also for her. They did not disappoint and it’s always lovely to see my bestie who left me!
  5. The husband had an operation on his foot. Not the greatest of news I know. So he’s been home for the last two weeks of this month and don’t we know it! He’s not a good poorly person. Nor someone that HAS to rest. Though I’m sure he’s enjoyed me waiting on him!



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