5 Awesome Blog Reads From July.

7th August 2019crelgey


If you missed the introduction in the first month, here’s a little brief on this series.


I love reading blogs. It was stumbling across a blog post, resulting in a mass binge of said blog that lead me to start my own online space many moons ago. You probably read blogs more than you realise. And it seems every business now has it as an extension to their website.

Reading blogs not only offers information, be thought-provoking and relatable, but as a writer myself, they help me creatively. My mum’s supportive but at the time repetitiveness in saying to read more is engraved on my brain and can imagine her words now being ‘I told you so‘. She was quite the wordsmith, as a journalist you’d expect so… But now, I get it.

But also, reading other blogs, is a source of recognition. You’re supporting the writer. That pageview means so much. Weekly I set aside time to read blogs/new posts and I always try and share my favourites on Twitter. Recently though, I came across Lucy – www.lucymary.co.uk and she had written about her favourite reads that month. I loved the concept, so I thought I’d join in.


So here are 5 blog posts I read in June and loved.


What I’ve Read.

  1. Not just because she’s a good friend of mine, but Lizi’s content deserves a lot more recognition. Lizi’s great wit and honesty really come through in her writing, it’s something I really admire about her online and in real life. So, with that in mind, I can about guarantee that Lizi’s content will feature in these reads for as long as they run. This month, Lizi wrote an amazing piece on Not Looking Back In Anger. Basically put; learning to pick your battles, as Lizi says. I definitely can express anger a lot easier than any other emotion, I know this about myself. But from a mental health position, I need to check this. Lizi’s piece gave much food for thought.
  2. I’ve followed Rebecca for some time and as with Lizi, her honesty and raw content, especially around mental health and wellbeing, is always thought-provoking. A piece I loved from Rebecca this month was Why It’s Important To Protect Your Mental Health Online. Rebecca’s tips may sound basic and simple, but it’s very easy to become tangled in the online world. Remember, everything needs a recharge and your mental health comes first.
  3. Next, we have Victoria. Another lady whom I have a lot of love for online and in real life. (We’re definitely overdue a cake meet!) Victoria’s content initially was built around her job and love for interiors, adding in the odd life-related piece here and there. Personal circumstances changed for Victoria and with a need to survive, a tide of enlightening happened and she has been living the manifestation life and reaping the benefits of it since. I find Victoria’s content on manifestation and mindset so interesting. Victoria’s recent piece brings both her loves together; interiors and mindset – How To Create A Space To Manifest Dream Clients.
  4. We all love hate Instagram. If we were in a relationship on Facebook it would definitely be the status ‘It’s Complicated’. In all honesty though, I have given myself a break with all the comparison. I love creating. It’s what we use all these platforms for, isn’t it? So ultimately, I just like making sure my content is seen by as many people as possible. Vix Meldrew’s suggestions on Helping Beat The Algorithm,  especially in regards to replying to comments really hit home with me. It’s so simple, but something I’m personally really rubbish at. No more.
  5. Last by no means least and on the photo creating side of things is a great piece by Laura. As I mentioned, I love creating content, especially visually and therefore am always looking at how I can do more and better. Give me all the tips and tricks. Laura’s post on Taking Light Photos in Manual might be the extra push I need to use the manual setting more regularly, along with the 17mm lens, which I admit to only really using when I’ve been on a job for hospitality businesses and taking broad room and grounds shots.


So there we are. Five awesome reads from July. Have you read any of these? Do you already follow one or more of these ladies? Or have you read some awesome pieces you’d like to share?

Let me know.

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