garden shed, scarborough

A Meal At Garden Shed, Scarborough.

21st August 2019crelgey

The Garden Shed, Scarborough is a relatively new business to the town. Along with many others, with the plan to generate revenue and succeed, it’s niche is varied; a combination of cafe and restaurant. Though it’ is in the decor that the Garden Shed sets itself apart from many new openings in the town. They’ve really ran with the Garden theme, right down to the smallest of details of entering the threshold under a trowel and fork.

The premiss is small. With three handmade seating booths and a few tables in-between. Due to its size, although I’m sure the staff would go out of their way to help accommodate the likes of prams and wheelchairs, it would be a tight squeeze.

garden shed, scarborough

garden shed, scarborough

Menu wise, the Garden Shed offers an extensive list, including; breakfasts and brunch, light lunches, cakes and sweet treats, as well as hot and cold drinks. To add to this, they are fully licensed, allowing for an amazing cocktail and gin lists, as well as the normal wine and beer choices.

There’s also their specials; buy two breakfasts and get the cheapest for £1? Yes please! Or what about 2 for £10 cocktails every Saturday? Again, hell yeah!

Though when their Hanging Skewers launched, it was those that really caught my attention. Not the king prawn and cod with lemon parsley sauce kind though. Though I’m sure it’s lovely, but I’m not a fish eater. So hello to the sweet and sour char-grilled chicken type.

I added the skin-on fries. You know, To get the full experience.

garden shed hanging skewers menu

garen shed scarborough hanging skewers

A lovely evening was had at The Garden Shed. The staff were friendly and the decor makes it such a lovely place to sit. My skewer was yummy and I’m glad I added the skin-on fries, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that it was amazing. The hanging aspect is definitely different but is more novelty.

We followed our skewers with a dessert sharing platter, which was lovely, but again, I think I’d just choose a normal dessert on a return visit, which there will definitely be. I love a brunch and know a number of ladies who would be happy to join.


Find it: The Garden Shed, 69 Victoria Road, Scarborough, YO11 1SH


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  • Stuart Forster

    22nd June 2020 at 9:14 am

    Looks an interesting place to dine. It’s a beautifully illustrated post.

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