5 Awesome Blog Reads From August.

11th September 2019crelgey

If you missed the introduction in the first month, here’s a little brief on this series.


I love reading blogs. It was stumbling across a blog post, resulting in a mass binge of said blog that lead me to start my own online space many moons ago. You probably read blogs more than you realise. And it seems every business now has it as an extension to their website.

Reading blogs not only offers information, be thought-provoking and relatable, but as a writer myself, they help me creatively. My mum’s supportive but at the time repetitiveness in saying to read more is engraved on my brain and can imagine her words now being ‘I told you so‘. She was quite the wordsmith, as a journalist you’d expect so… But now, I get it.

But also, reading other blogs, is a source of recognition. You’re supporting the writer. That pageview means so much. Weekly I set aside time to read blogs/new posts and I always try and share my favourites on Twitter. Recently though, I came across Lucy – www.lucymary.co.uk and she had written about her favourite reads that month. I loved the concept, so I thought I’d join in.


So here are 5 blog posts I read in August. and loved.


What I’ve Read.

  1. I’m loving and also very jealous of seeing so many people visit spas recently. I definitely am due a visit of my own soon, it feels forever since I have some r and r. That being said, reading these posts means I’m definitely compiling my very own list of places to go and if there were one where cost was no obligation, Seaham Hall would be one of them. It has such an air of luxury about it. I mean look at the entrance! Chloe’s review was a fab read. The organic seaweed skincare sounds amazing. Botox in a bottle? Yes please!

  2. Carrying on the spa love is a wonderful post from Bee – Queen Beady. I couldn’t not feature a post about my town could I. Bee recently visited Scarborough to review the new(ish) Wellness Spa at Alpamare waterpark. I love reading Bee’s blog, but it’s her photos that always beautifully capture her subject.

  3. Victoria, Oh Victoria. This lady is the human equivalent of goals. She is fire. A beautiful lady inside and out as well as confidently and fiercely winning at life, business and blog. As much as I love Victoria’s first passion of interiors and love all the concepts she designs, it’s her recent content on manifestation which has pricked my ears as to say. The fact Victoria is living proof of how it can work makes it all the more intriguing. This post on Manifestation for beginners was exactly what I needed to read, plus with her added Facebook community, I’m feeling pretty empowered.

  4. Another post from Bee, Queen Beady now. This one, although personal to Bee, is definitely thought-provoking. If one area of your life isn’t working it has a knock-on effect on other parts. But it’s realising this and accepting help doesn’t make you weak or incapable, it makes you switched on and aware. I’m sure we’ve all felt or feel this way at times. As Bee has found from her first life coaching experience , it’s the small things and sharing your inner thoughts is a positive not a negative.

  5. Lastly, we have a post by newish mummy Claire. I’ve read Claire’s blog for some time and have had the pleasure of meeting her once – what feels like many moons ago at a blog event, however, it’s since becoming a mum herself that I feel I love her and her content that little bit more. Claire has written a lot about becoming a mum and baby bits, but er recent post on the loneliness and isolation of motherhood  was one that I really related to, as I’m sure many mums can. Having written something similar myself, I think it’s great that people are sharing their feelings. Motherhood definitely is not all unicorns and rainbows!


So there we are. Five awesome reads from August. Have you read any of these? Do you already follow one or more of these ladies? Or have you read some awesome pieces you’d like to share?

Let me know.

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  • claire chircop

    11th September 2019 at 9:47 am

    Thank you SO much for featuring me Caroline! 🙂 Amongst such fab ladies too! – I’ve read all of the other girls blog post & equally loved them. I’ve always heard such amazing things about Seaham Hall, it’s definitely been on the list for some time now however ANY spa day would be appreciated now. Ha! Hope you’re having a fab week!


    1. crelgey

      21st September 2019 at 10:04 pm

      Aw, you are more than welcome Claire. I’ve loved reading your blog recently and hearing and seeing your journey through newborn-hood. 🙂 x

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