5 Awesome Blog Reads From September.

9th October 2019crelgey

If you missed the introduction in the first month, here’s a little brief on this series.


I love reading blogs. It was stumbling across a blog post, resulting in a mass binge of said blog that lead me to start my own online space many moons ago. You probably read blogs more than you realise. And it seems every business now has it as an extension to their website.

Reading blogs not only offers information, be thought-provoking and relatable, but as a writer myself, they help me creatively. My mum’s supportive but at the time repetitiveness in saying to read more is engraved on my brain and can imagine her words now being ‘I told you so‘. She was quite the wordsmith, as a journalist you’d expect so… But now, I get it.

But also, reading other blogs is a source of recognition. You’re supporting the writer. That pageview means so much. Weekly I set aside time to read blogs/new posts and I always try and share my favourites on Twitter. Recently though, I came across Lucy – www.lucymary.co.uk and she had written about her favourite reads that month. I loved the concept, so I thought I’d join in.


So here are 5 blog posts I read in September. and loved.


  1. Sophie Cliff is one of a handful of ladies I really admire and always feel inspired by reading her content. Recently re-branding as ‘The joyful coach’, a title that couldn’t be any more perfect for her. Sophie’s recent post on How To Create More Time For Joy was such a good read. It’s always the simple things that get overlooked and I felt reading it that definitely could do more to help myself.

  2. I still feel ‘old’ in this blogosphere and posts like this don’t help – thanks Hannah (haha)! However, Hannah’s recent post titled 30 Things I Learned Before 30 was a fabulous read as always. It made me chuckle and nod in agreement throughout.

  3. Elizabeth’s taken a hiatus to social media, literally only being active to promote her content. Her blog, more so her wellbeing content, I’ve read many times and no doubt will continue to read. Elizabeth’s recent post on her Morning Routine was a great read as it really emphasised that I really need to get mine sorted. As Elizabeth says, ‘… I need to create space for my mind and body’.

  4. I couldn’t agree anymore with Rebecca’s thoughts in her post titled Why I’m Still Putting My Eggs In The Blogging Basket I love where having a blog has taken me for eight/nine years and although I love the imagery of Instagram and the quickness of Twitter, I love the creativity of having a blog. Yes it’s time-consuming, but the joy and proudness of the outcome far surpass it.

  5. Letting go of things is something I actually struggle with a lot more than I thought. I’m a big thinker. My brain is always working away. But it’s only when I sit and really think, purposefully, about somethings and analyse whys, that the basis of some of my thoughts is down to not being able to let go of things. Reading Sophie’s post on Learning To Let Go  has really given me food for thought in changing my mindset on this.


So there we are. Five awesome reads from September. Have you read any of these? Do you already follow one or more of these ladies? Or have you read some awesome pieces you’d like to share?

Let me know.

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