5 Things That Happened Last Month.

3rd October 2019crelgey


The month calm was restored. It’s always bittersweet. I love having my eldest home and spending time together and making memories, as I do miss him when he’s at school and it’s great for him to be the child he is, instead of conforming at a school for six hours. However I also love routine and although I try to keep one as much as possible, especially with having the younger, it doesn’t leave much time for myself. You will never understand how amazing that quiet time of nap time is and how much you savour it until you do!

So here’s what the month brought…


  1. And just like that the six weeks school holidays were over. I don’t know why you were so anxious. Haha! It’s gone a lot quicker than I thought it would and not too many tantrums and falls out and that’s just from me. Haha! I have loved having the eldest home though. I miss him being at school, so it’s been lovely to have time with him and enjoy days out and making memories. Even though he’s been quite eager to go back to school and into his new class!

  2. Let the footie season commence! The fixtures took some time to be published, but we’ve so far had three matches and I couldn’t be more proud of not just my boy but all the team. To say they don’t know all know each other that well, they’re really starting to form a team and friendships. This is what a sport can do. Not just from a fitness aspect, but from a development and sociable place. It’s so much more.

  3. I love having social events in the diary to look forward to (when pennies allow!) First up was a visit to Eat Me in town with some mummy friends. I recently wrote a blog post about Eat Me. I love the place. It was a fab evening. A great excuse to be childfree, dress up a bit and actually have conversations without being interrupted! Next was an imprint trip to the bingo hall. Our local Mecca Bingo was hosting another Bonkers Bingo evening and, well, why not!  The last event in my diary was a trip through to Leeds to meet up with a few of my blogging faves. I actually can’t remember the last time I was in Leeds, definitely last year I want to say. This trip was for Sunday lunch. Not any old Sunday lunch though, we met at Whitehall and it was just as Instagram had shown. Amazing.

  4. September always brings the likes of our local village gala. Although our village is ever-growing (one development was recently finished with another started elsewhere not long after), our village gala is a small event held at the village hall and playing fields. With cake and craft stalls, tabletop sale, bouncy castle as well as a dog show and tug-of-war it is every inch the village affair.

  5. I’ve left this one until last, but this month we took out first trip to A & E with the youngest, with him getting his finger trapped in the hinge side of an internal door in the house. I never thought of myself a squeamish. But honestly, even just the thought of a flat and bloody finger, on top of the screaming/crying and pure pain of it being my child, makes changing poo nappies, cleaning up sick and head bumps all that more desirable – if that’s even possible! An x-ray and taped together fingers meant a break (as much as a child his age can break his bendy bones) and a very bloodied nail. He’s on the mend though.


How’s your month been?

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  • Louise

    3rd October 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Aw poor little fella! I hope he’s ok. Apart from that it sounds like a great month. I do love a village gala! Xx

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