Koda Coffee, a new independent in my town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, but with it's own identity. Have a read on my blog.
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Koda Coffee.

Another coffee shop I hear you say.

Yes, my thoughts exactly upon its opening. However, Koda coffee has put itself on the coffee shops map of the town with sharp branding and simplistic decor. And I like it very much.

What’s nice to see, when visiting coffee shops, is not just how they make it their own by it’s name, branding, decor, but by what they have to offer. The drinks and food. Even beyond that, the brands they choose. I believe it’s this aspect that actually gets people out of their houses and into coffee shops. You want to try something new, different, better than what you have in your cupboards at home. Yay! Coffee are very good at this and now we welcome Koda.

koda coffee

koda coffee

This definitely applies to me and I’m a sucker for a seasonal drink, so with that said, when their Instagram updated with a photographically pleasing photo of their new Guy Mörks hot chocolate I knew a visit was imminent.

Guy Mörks is a clever take on Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night, however you best recognise it, and the fact that the chocolate used is from a company named Mörks. The word Mörks is also Swedish for dark, which works in with their history and love of pure chocolate.

Beyond it’s name, the Guy Mörks drink at soda coffee is brilliantly composed. You’re served with an amazing tumbler, a cute jug filled with the Mörks chocolate, a toasted vegan marshmallow and a small pot of cinder toffee, which I won’t lie – I just wanted to down.

guy morks hot chocolate

As a drink, It definitely has more to it than the novelty aspect. The Mörks chocolate was an amazing taste. I chose the Junior Dark, which is 50% as I find dark chocolate too overbearing.

Mörks chocolate is also completely vegan-friendly.

As well as finding it’s own in its offerings, Koda coffee has definitely done its research in its market and also doubles as an events venue, holding monthly open deck/vinyl nights and such.


I believe there’s so much more to come from Koda coffee and look forward to seeing what it has to offer this festive season and into the new year.



17 Northway,


YO11 2LZ


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  • Cat

    Koda Coffee looks gorgeous! Where I live we hardly have any independent coffee places (just LOADS of chains instead!) so I envy you for having such a lovely looking place nearby! That vegan hot chocolate sounds delicious, too.

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