5 Awesome Blog Reads From October.

13th November 2019crelgey

I love reading blogs. There really are some awesome blogs out there. It was stumbling across a blog post, resulting in a mass binge of the said blog that lead me to start my own online space many moons ago.

Reading blogs can not only offer information, be thought-provoking and relatable, but as a writer myself, they help me creatively. My mum always used to say to read more. She was quite the wordsmith, as a journalist you’d expect so… But now, I get it.

However, reading other blogs is a source of recognition. You’re supporting the writer. That pageview means a lot more than you’d think. Weekly, I try and set aside time to read blogs/new posts. Also, I always try and share my favourites on Twitter. Recently, I came across the lovely Lucy , her newest post at the time was honouring her favourite reads that month. I loved the concept, so I thought I’d join in.


  1. I feel it can sometimes be overwhelming, deciding to make changes to yourself/your life. You have a list of your own, or you’ve read so much that your head is just buzzing with possibilities. Sophie’s recent content offers just 4 Mindset Changes  that offer plenty in the outcome. Easy does it.

  2. Speaking of taking one step at a time, Louise, who is an IRL friend of mine, has bounced back to creating content with a fab piece on Cleanish Beauty . Though not a beauty follower, it was the concept and making small lifestyle changes that I related to. The book Louise mentions also sounds quite fascinating in its own right.

  3. Next, Elizabeth wrote a review on the Aqua Sana Spa  at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest and I couldn’t be more jealous. For anyone new reading, I love Center Parcs. It is truly my happy place. However, even for the number of times I’ve visited, I have yet to fully explore and make use of the Aqua Sana. Reading this review has really given me spa envy. Do you think I could get away with half a day childfree when we visit in February?

  4. Paula’s wellness-related content is the type I really love. It’s very self-help related and is always a great read, favouring bullets points which make it easy to digest also. Paula’s recent post on 20 Things To Start Doing For Yourself  is easily something that should be bookmarked.

  5. ⁃I always enjoy Rebecca’s content, whatever the subject. It’s always easy to read, flowing, and not over-written. Rebecca’s recent post titled 5 Things That Are Making Me Really Happy At The Moment  was not only a lovely post to read about Rebecca’s current mind frame and life, but I liked the end paragraph on little things to appreciate a/w. It was, if anything, a reminder of a few things to be grateful for each day.



So there we are. Five awesome reads from October. Have you read any of these? Do you already follow one or more of these ladies? Or have you read some awesome pieces you’d like to share?

Let me know.

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