Christmas As A Parent By A Mum.

27th November 2019

Christmas as a parent. Tis the season to be jolly…

So the carol goes. Apart from if you’re a parent that is, as then it’s the season to be extremely stressed and anxious with 101 things running through your brain. (and another 101 on your never-ending ‘to-do’ list!) I mean, being a parent is tough, but then being one at Christmas, well that just takes the cookie, pun totally intended and there’s all the Christmas Traditions to think about.


If ever there was a time to have your shit together, it would be for Christmas.


It All Begins With A List.

You have all the intentions of being ‘organised this year’, but when the lists start, so does the hyperventilating as you realise how many people you ACTUALLY have to buy for. Should have started in the January sales.

Don’t forget to tick of that list of bought gifts. Or go one step further, add a spreadsheet/document to your laptop which can be opened on your phone so you can update on the go. We all do it, we get home from shopping and it’s a mad chuck it somewhere to hide it from prying eyes and hands. Without a list would result in dragging everything out to see what you have. And no parent has time for that.

The lists don’t stop at gifts, there’s Christmas cards to think about. Family/Friends/Work colleagues. Not to mention your children’s lists. School friends/Football friends/teachers.

Don’t get all ahead of yourself once you’ve written said cards to every man and his dog and your children have added their squiggles. The responsibility doesn’t end there. Once you’ve addressed and stamped them DO NOT FORGET TO POST THEM. Speaking from experience where a number of cards spent the holidays in my car door card. I now make sure I take the cards to the post office, buy stamps and post whilst there.


On The First Day Of Christmas.

The first day of Christmas comes around in no time. December first means advent calendars. Last year I bought re-fillable ones, so a tub of sweets is all I need. Then let’s not forget our house visitor – Elf the Elf. It’s all fun the first few days, but honestly, if you’re anything like me, Google and Pinterest will become your best friend for ideas and you become a creative craft queen overnight bringing it to life. Christmas as a parent eh!


Decor, Trees And Tables.

I promise is NOT like a scene from White Christmas or any other staged photo you see on Christmas cards and or even Instagram. Know this. Especially if children are involved and more so if more than one child are involved. Fights over who puts the tree topper on. Then also the fact that your children are only three-foot-tall, so expect all the decorations to be no further up your six-foot tree than that. I admit that I embrace this ‘decorations’ until after bedtime when I am known to re-decorate the tree. I regret nothing.

Talking about decorating, don’t forget the table. Real candles or LED ones? How many candles is too many? Do we have a matching set of placemats? And enough for everyone? Then there’s the table cloth. PVU? Or cloth? Or even paper. Paper ones are cheap enough to purchase and being cheap but easily be deposed of once used as you know if it’s not the children that get their lunch all over it, it’ll be nana and grandpa. Colour schemes too. Do you work to a scheme or theme? Are you minimalist or are you so festive that you might be able to squeeze the food on the table. The choices.


OMG Did You Order The Turkey?

How’s your Christmas preparation going?



Merry Christmas.


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  • claire

    27th November 2019 at 11:32 am

    Love this!! Also love that you left your Christmas cards in the car door – Haha! That’s pretty good going! Weirdly I’ve just written out a check list of people to buy for this year on my phone & I’ve got 15. Eeek! I’m only doing one present per person this year though, even Amelia!! I’m going to try and shop from small businesses this year too where I can, my only problem is I’m struggling for ideas on what to buy for people. Good luck with your shopping!!


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