5 Things That Happened Last Month.

6th November 2019crelgey



  1. This month the eldest and his team have really got into their football matches. It’s been fantastic to see them grow together, as a team and also individually in such a short space of time. I’m really happy the eldest signed up and can’t wait to see where they go over the years to come. (I’m not converted though, I’m still a fan of rugby and hoping the youngest does me proud in a couple of years! Haha!)

  2. One of the highlights for me this month was having a spa evening with my friend. Long overdue time with my friend and what better way to see each other as mummies, than childfree time at the spa. Bliss. Plus, I think evening spa-ing is definitely the way forward, it was so quiet, possibly with being out of season too.

  3. The eldest was invited to a joint birthday party of two school friends, which was a bowling party. It was such a good party. We actually don’t go bowling much, only really when we visit Center Parcs. I was itching to get involved! But it was such a lovely party, with chips and chicken nuggets afterward. You can obviously imagine the conversations that took place on the way home about his birthday next year…

  4. Positive month for the eldest. Moved up in his swimming lessons, which I felt was a good teaching call by the instructor, as he said that he felt he was capable of more and was beginning to get bored. Which I completely agree with. He definitely needed to move up, into the ‘big’ pool and be put out of his depth. We also had parents meeting at school. He always settles well into situations and I have no concerns myself, but it’s always lovely to hear other people speak so well of your child. So proud of him.

  5. We can’t end October without mentioning Halloween. Not a ‘holiday’ we ‘celebrate’ as a family, in regards to trick or treating as I don’t agree with it, but school always does a disco which means the eldest can dress up, which he loves. This year being a skeleton. We headed to Piglets in the school break, as we annually do, and picked up a pumpkin for the eldest. I also painted up some small pumpkins and squash for around the house.


How’s your month been?

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