5 Things That Happened Last Month.

4th December 2019crelgey

November, it’s a tricky one, isn’t it? The excitement for the coming festivities is strong, I mean, the shops don’t help do they, but you’re still aware it’s only November. Either way, this November has been quite eventful.


  1. School went back after half term and normality resumed again. In all honesty, half term wasn’t that bad at all, I exaggerate. But I do love a routine.
  2. Back to school and it’s Bonfire Night. Our village hosts it’s own bonfire and fireworks, which is perfect. Having not ventured out last year, as youngest was a bit too young, we made the walk this year, much to our eldest’s delight – he’s easily pleased with sparklers.
  3. No matter how I plan, I always ended up having Christmas shopping left to do at the beginning of December. Though I’m always a tad grateful for Black Friday. Though I’m sure my bank would still disagree. Plus, still you still end up purchases ‘a little something(s)’ for yourself, don’t you? I mean it would be rude not to, right? I also had a little jaunt with friends through to York for a spot of late-night Christmas shopping. And I’m proud to announce that I was the only one of us to come home with Christmas pj’s in the right sizes. Oh and I also only bought myself a scarf. See… It can be done!
  4. This month was made all the better with a spa visit. I saw a deal come up for the Wellness Spa in my town and having visited a couple of times previously, I jumped at the offer of a Christmas party themed spa night. Taking the opportunity to bundle my birthday and Christmas together I messaged some friends and, well, it was a splendid evening.
  5. I finally got my hair did. It’s been months. Month, months and months since I was at the hairdressers and, well, it just needed to happen. It’s amazing how colour and cut can change your life. By life, I mean mood, which ultimately reflects on your life. I didn’t do anything drastic. My hair is so fine and poker-straight, it can’t handle anything. I just got my roots done, plus a bit of lighter colour through the lengths of my hair to give it some depth, as it was feeling and looking block-like.

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  • Louise

    4th December 2019 at 12:01 pm

    That spa night was truly fabulous! Sounds like an altogether pleasant and chilled November

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