5 Scarborough Cafe Dates For 2020.

8th January 2020

Scarborough has a good number of cafes and coffee shops. It also has (if not more) charity shops and pound shops, but let us not go there as I’d quite like you to visit and stay in my little seaside town.

It feels like a new cafe/coffee shop pops up every month. I’m not really complaining, as I love tea – I love cake. Any place that sells such wonders can take my pennies. However, it’s those that bring something new to the table that really peak my interest. Those who think outside the box. Bring in the novelty over the staple. That gives the place an individual/independent feel rather than a franchise.

Here are 5 such places that have been moved from my ever-growing ‘to visit’ list, to my new ‘visit in 2020’ list. Admittedly, I have already visited three of these places, however not in the context of ‘reviewing’ them.


Corner House Coffee Lounge, Scarborough.

A new opening, but only by owners. The Corner House is a small building on the main road out of/into Scarborough. For this reason, it was good to see it taken over and brought up to date and not sat empty for long. And my have they transformed it. Though small, they’ve kept the interior design simple and sleek which helps give the illusion of it being larger.

They’re active on their Facebook page, regularly posting their cakes and treats of the day, along with menu additions and specials. The fact that the Corner House is a popular haunt for baby showers says a lot about their afternoon tea and cake game, so I definitely need to visit.


Yay Coffee, Scarborough.

Yay Coffee isn’t a new business to me. I visited and also wrote about them not long after they first opened, however since then they have moved premises, finding somewhere a bit bigger to accommodate their ever-growing popularity. Not being a coffee drinker, I’m told their coffee game is strong. This couple takes coffee seriously with a menu that caters to every enthusiast.

Their new premises, although slightly out of the centre, offers the space to enjoy your time, the coffees, the teas, the sweet and savoury treats on offer, as well as being in a creative space. My 202 definitely needs a visit to Yay and a walk down the valley to the sea sounds pretty good.


Espresso Yourself, Scarborough.

Espresso Yourself is the oldest business out of my 5. The owner has a few businesses in Scarborough, this I believe being his first, but by means are any less popular than each other. The premises might not be the biggest, however, he’s really used the space to its advantage with the addition of the bi-folding doors to the front, as well as a seated outdoor space to the side which was recently landscaped.

Although I’ve visited on a couple of occasions, I’ve not made the most of it,  so I’m looking forward to visiting in 2020 to sample a tea and treat and hopefully seeing if their outdoor space is Insta-worthy.


Greensmith & Thackery, Scarborough.

Greensmith’s is larger in space than the other 4 listed and definitely has it’s own and individual feel and theme going on. Located in the town centre and a stone’s throw away from the top of Olympia Gardens and the tram down to the beach. They recently changed up the interior a bit, though still sticking with the industrial style.

I have visited Greensmith once for a brew with a friend and drive past regularly when I’m in town, however, it was before the recent interior changes, so I can’t wait to visit in 2020. Their photography/Instagram game is strong, I feel a tad envious, but it shows how good it is and how social media works when I really want to visit because of it.


Bloom Coffee Shops & Bakery, Scarborough.

Lastly, new on the block is Bloom. It’s great to see businesses being started by younger generations. I really feel in the technological/social media era we’re in, that you have to be switched on to how businesses work online. Bloom is another who’s owner is active on Facebook as well as grasping the need for good photography. The food might taste good, but you need to make it look like it tastes good.

Bloom as well as being a coffee shop sells the most amazing looking baked goods, from sweet treats to breads. They also have a wide range of gluten-free goods.



So there you have it, my 5 definite cafe dates in Scarborough for 2020. I hope there will be others over the year, as as I mentioned, there are plenty to visit in Scarborough, but these 5 are definites and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for content on them.


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